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Aug 2, 2014 10:29 AM

Crossroads Kitchen - Pasta Bolognese

I'm not a vegan/vegetarian but I would go to Crossroads Kitchen again in a heartbeat. Tasting menu was really good.

The one question I had for the my fellow Chowhounders was if any of you have had the pasta bolognese here, is there another place that you would recommend that has as good or if not a better pasta dish? I'm talking a wide flat pasta with tomato-based sauce.

I thought the Crossroads' version was best since I went to Italy (imho). The texture and consistency of the pasta was just amazing and the sauce was great as well.

Thanks for your opinions!

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  1. I've never been to Crossroads but highly recommend the pasta Bolognese at Barbrix when it's on the menu. (Actually I recommend any of Don Dickman's pastas - they all taste like those I had in Italy.)

    How does Crossroads make a vegan Bolognese? In my experience it's more about the meat than the tomato.

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      Funny you should ask that question - was thinking the same thing.
      Is Crossroads totally vegan, or just mostly.
      Or is their Bolognese made with a meat substitute?
      Want to try the place at some point, as have heard many, many good things.

      1. re: carter

        Can't speak for Crossroads, but I've managed to make some pretty convincing "meat" sauce, as well as chili, with the Beefless Ground Beef from TJ's. Careful use of herbs and a good-quality vegetable oil, plus such things as using good rich tomatoes and shallots instead of onion can give a meaty presence to the sauce. Gentle frying and slow cooking are important too, but better stop now or this'll get transferred …

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        Thank you! I don't know what they use for a meat substitute and I'm not one to critique the finer points Bolognese sauce. It was just so good and I am now determined to discover other eateries in Los Angeles/Orange County with great pasta regardless if they have meat or not. I'm just not a white sauce guy so that's my only limitation.

      3. ooohh i am a vegetarian and i've been to crossroads and haven't had that, but must try it when i'm back. i've always ignored the section at the bottom with the lasagne and all that nonsense.

        thanks for sharing. i would love to hear more about the rest of your experience there.

        and while not pasta bolognese, have you tried that handkerchief pasta with almond pesto at the factory kitchen? that was one of the best pastas i've had since italy.

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        1. re: monpetitescargot

          I haven't been to the Factory Kitchen but just looked at some pictures via Yelp! Looks amazing. Yet another eatery that calls for my attention. Thank you!