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Aug 2, 2014 10:27 AM

Monday Night In Dallas

We have a girls trip to Costa Rica ending with one night in Dallas. It is three women all in our early 30's who love good food and good wine. We need one great meal option for a Monday night. We haven't decided where we are staying since we fly out the next morning at 6am, the area we want to eat and drink will probably determine that. So any suggestions would be appreciated. Great dinner restaurants. Great Happy Hour. And while your at it Great boutiques for shopping. And Go.

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  1. You might try one of the restaurants in Highland Park Village like, Mi Cocina.

    Then, you can work off all the food and Margaritas by shopping at one of the many boutique shops.

    1. Mi Dia in Graoevine by the airport would be MUCH better than Mi Cocina (Mexican chain) in IMHO. Shopping just depends -- there are some shopping in a Grapevine, but depending where you are from, the Dallas shopping maybe much more superior.

      1. Monday night is challenging of course ...

        For shopping I'd recommend Northpark. Highland Park is a lovely historic shopping center, but personally I find 'the bubble' a little frightening. Just an hour in Highland Park makes me want to run screaming. (I cannot imagine how I'd feel if my skin color didn't match the dominant tone. I'd probably start feeling the effect after 5 minutes instead.)