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Aug 2, 2014 09:39 AM

do you have other uses for this pepper?

This question references CHOW's Grilled Shishito Peppers recipe.

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    God these new Post categories are Crap! I Know let's suppress discussion! That is probably what people want. Yes, yes I sure that is what they want.

    To Chili Dude: No Shishitos are not like Poblanos more like Peppers PadrĂ³n, 2"-3" long a little boxy and wrinkled.

    They make a great Banchan, Kkwarigochujjim

  2. I always grill them, outside if the grill is going, or in a cast iron pan on the stove. I usually them toss them with lemon juice, olive oil, salt, pepper, and grated parmigiano. Sometimes I skip the cheese and toss them with smoked sea salt flakes. A few times, I've made an aioli for dipping them in, mimicking the way I first had them in a restaurant in El Jebel, CO, a couple of years ago. (They also tossed theirs with crumbled feta.)

    At any rate, these peppers are fantastic.


    Padrons (and Shishitos,) are so incredibly good as instructed in the link we never have enough to try them any other way. The 4 plants I have are *very* prolific and we still don't have enough. I will plant 3 times as many next year.

    I'd reply to chefj and agree about this format but I can't-- which makes this format even worse.


    You're speaking specifically of shishito peppers, right? Personally, I love that grilled recipe but I do it in a cast iron skillet. I also use them in a salad with black beans, corn, red onion or shallot, maybe celery. Because of their small size and thin skin, they aren't good for stuffing.


    In reply to weezieduzzit:
    This is exactly why it is STUPID


    Upon accessing the website you cite, I would guess that the chiles in the photo are what we call in the US, poblano chiles. They could be stuffed, or better yet, they can become an ingredient in a large pot of (look at my user name) CHILI. Chili without beans of course.