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Aug 2, 2014 08:55 AM

Wells, Ogunquit, Kennebunkport and York

What's going on this season? Anything new? Heading north for a few nights.

We always stop at Lobster Shack/Perkins Cove for a chili dog.
We always stop by Joshua's - bar only for haddock shrooms and salad. The dining room is too sedate.
We always stop at Chase farm for farm fresh eggs, and veggies.
We occasionally get take out from Mekhong Thai and Seacoast Pizza or have Mikes steam us some lobsters.

Any favorite places or dishes this year that stand out? A pizza at Cornerstone might make the list. Any favorite fish chowders that aren't cloyingly thickened, but taste of the sea?

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  1. Well I'm dumping the cornerstone idea, but wonder if anyone has feedback for Davids KPT for either happy hour or dinner?

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      Well I'm back, and thought I would share since this board is so quiet.

      Two beach house dinners included a night of linguine and clam sauce with chopped clams and littlenecks from Hannafords which at 50 cents a piece is not too bad on the wallet. Another night was corn and salad from Chase farm and wonderful steamers from Hannaford - great flavor.

      Jakes on Rt 1 - ok fried clam plate. had good clam flavor. but not stellar. Fish chowder was also just ok - and has been much better on earlier visits, so maybe just a bad day. But it certainly didn't suck.

      Lobster Shack, Perkins Cove - love our fish/clam chowder here and chili dog. Others were loving the afternoon special of lobster roll with free chowder $16 and twin lobster with corn for $20. The teenage staff is always in motion cleaning and delivering food.

      Clam Shack - Keenbunkport - read about their haddock sandwich in a cook book and thought we'd give it a try, even though we are not fans of their clams, lobster roll or other fried offerings. Two thick cut pieces of haddock perfectly fried on a nice roll. Definate hit.

      David's KPT, Kennebunkport - we took a quick tour. It is a really really great space with outdoor lounging, 3 indoor bars and lots of tables. Alas weather prevented us from travelling back for Happy Hour or Dinner. It looked like it would have been a great hit even for a lite bite and libation.

      Joshua's, Wells - been here many times. We often share the haddock which they complimentary plate separately. This visit we tried the duck pate and it was stellar. The drink special was excellent - a rasberry cosmo with home made raspberry syrup, what looked like a splash of sour mix, lemon and raspberry stolli. Sometimes their drink special can be too sweet or too weak. This was crisp and tart with just the right kick an adult beverage should have. We brought the delicious blueberry pie with whipped and ice cream back to the beach house.

      Scoop Deck, Wells - delicious cup of a scoop of ginger and pumpkin ice cream.