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Aug 2, 2014 08:45 AM

upcoming Mid Coast visit, need update

Not a lot of talk on this board recently about the area. We are making our annual visit to South Thomaston next week. So what's new? The only thing on my must try list is Suzuki Sushi because it's ridiculous that we haven't been there yet.

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  1. Assume you've already had breakfast at Thomaston Cafe. Always lovely. And yes, get to Suzuki, it's fantatic. Last time I was there she made me an off menu dinner plate of sashimi. Wish I had one tonight!

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    1. re: mjoyous

      Yes, I'm sure we will visit Thomaston Cafe but we always go to Rockland Cafe our first morning in Maine. I was hoping to hear about new places that have opened since last year. We roam from about Belfast to Damariscotta.

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        A new lobster shack type of restaurant has opened in Rockland this year. Claws, located at 743 Main Street is open daily from 11-9P. There is a hard to read menu posted on its facebook page that features a $16 lobster roll, as well as a $15.95 twin lobster special.

    2. It has been a little bit quiet in here hasn't it? What I think to be new since a year ago:

      1. Pho Sizzle (Rockland). Finally some decent Vietnamese around these parts. I'll be honest, the first couple of times I went I got the sense the owner was still trying to figure things out (he's new to the restaurant biz). I think he has. On the last two visits I had the large pork banh mi and the grouper with rice bowl. Both fantastic.

      2. The "new" Duos (Rockland). Next to Pho Sizzle at Buoy Park. I say new because it's a new owner this year. Alot of the old faves are still there (burgers, lobster rolls, etc) but they've also added such things as a poutine burger. Everything I've had there has been solid.

      3. Claws (Rockland). Non-fried seafood, lobster, etc. Haven't been.

      4. Comida Latin Kitchen (Camden). Haven't been but I'm hearing some good things about it.

      5. Valentina's Coastal Maine Kitchen (Camden). The old Fromviandoux space. I've heard mixed reviews, but do intend to try it for myself soon.

      6. SALT (Vinalhaven). The chefs are from Fromviandoux...haven't heard much about it but do intend to go out there in September.

      I'll also add that the Pearl is now managed (soon to be presumably owned) by the "celebrity chef" Michele Ragussis. I've been there a couple times and I like the new vibe. The linguine with clams in outstanding.

      And the Lost Kitchen has been found again, this time up in Freedom (outside Belfast). Erin French has now set up shop there. Again, haven't been (what's wrong with me??) but I'm thinking I might stop in on my way back from the Common Ground Fair this year.

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      1. re: MidCoastMaineiac

        Thanks for the update. I am going to give Valentina a try on the 15th.

        1. re: MidCoastMaineiac

          I was wondering where you've been, MCM!

          What about FOG?

          And what's that place that opened last summer on Main St across from the Puffin's Nest? Did they survive the winter?

          Hasn't the Pearl been owned / managed by Michele for two years now? My local friends panned it so I've never been.

          1. re: crawfish

            Personally I love FOG, they have a great beer/wine/cocktail selection and some really imaginative food. I didn't include it here because it's been around for a couple years at least. Some people knock it for being a bit too trendy/hipster...but I like the vibe. Try open mic Monday's or Drink & Draw Sundays if you're looking for a combo experience!

            3Crow (roughly across from Puffin's Nest...more so across from the Loyal Biscuit) is also pretty solid. The beer selection is hands down the best on the Midcoast. And there are 40 whiskeys to choose from so that is also really nice. At a minimum you should check out happy hour and/or Taco Tuesdays. The service has been a bit hit or miss, but if you sit at the bar you can't go wrong. Again, I also didn't include it because it's been there for over a year.

            The Pearl was owned/managed by Jimmy since it's Michele is in the process of working towards ownership (and taken the reins on management). In my book it's better this year. For me, the linguine and clams is reason enough to go. I think as a rule we tend to look down on those "fancy" outsiders that come in and try cater to us locals but I'd just say that the food/attitude in there is better than in the previous two years under Jimmy.

            Hill's Seafood is also the old Bricks space, but haven't yet been.

            Don't discount The "NEW" Landings either, Chef Max Miller used to be the sous chef at Lily Bistro (remember Lily?) and he's doing some great stuff there (after a stint at some great restaurants in Boston). You'd be best served getting the more "eclectic" menu options...which better highlight his strengths, as opposed to the tourist-driven surf and turf.

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              Thanks, MCM! The hipsters certainly are taking over. I'm surrounded by them here in Toronto, too, and I fall into grumbling like an old codger. "Listen, you whippersnappers: YOU DID NOT INVENT CRAFT BEER! I've been drinking craft beer since you were nothing but a twinkle in your Daddy's eye!" Don't get me started :)