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Good pies near the 210 freeway

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We'll be driving from Burbank airport to the San Bernardino Mountains (Big Bear) to visit my mom for her 70th birthday. My mom says she would enjoy a good raspberry-apple pie. Any suggestions for a bakery that makes good pies that is close to the 210 freeway would be greatly appreciated.

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    1. Definitely hit up Pie n Burger

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        Second that! PieHole not so much!

      2. Thanks for all the suggestions. I'll definitely call the good folks at pie & burger and see if I can have a couple of pies waiting for me.

        Has anyone experienced I Like Pie in Claremont?

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          I'm not a pie guy, so I won't comment on the quality even though I enjoyed the one I had there, but keep in mind that the pies at I Like Pie in Claremont are single serving. Sort of like cupcakes size pies, small but deep.

        2. I haven't seen raspberry-apple pie anywhere, please let us know if you find one and it's good.