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Aug 2, 2014 07:27 AM

Recs in Barcelona Gràcia

Hi everyone!
I've been lurking for a few days on this board and as I am planning another visit to BCN, I find myself needing some new ideas to make my husband's 50th birthday memorable.

We are "regulars" at Paco Meralgo since 2008 and just adore the place. We've sent countless friends to this restaurant and have never had a bad feedback. I'd say it is our favorite restaurant in BCN for its great food quality, variety and taste, its light-hearted ambiance and its very reasonable prices.

We've enjoyed Comerç24 a few years ago and also Tickets twice. We've tried El Regulador and enjoyed it as well.

We always seem to stumble upon a great place to eat by chance. Except for Tickets for which we had to have a reservation, almost every restaurant we visited was discovered during our long walks taken in the beautiful streets of BCN. It's that kind of city where you have to try hard to find a bad table.

As we'll be staying in Gràcia, I am wondering if it offers any restaurant worth to mention that can provide the type of laid back, professional service and spectacular food we have come to love and become addicted of. Price range is open as we will be celebrating a special Bday.

Any recs in Gràcia or any great experience worth mentioning that matches or surpasses our past experience would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Gracia covers a large area. For a mix of traditional and modern Catalan food, I like Con Gracia. Two excellent traditional Catalan restaurant in Gracia are Roig Robi and FreixaTradicio (more toward St. Gervais). All three are on the expensive splurg side. More moderate are Envalira and Goliard. Very good tapas at Gatamala and La Esquinica.
    We had a great time and some excellent food couple months ago at Suculent. We went there late and only tried a few of their dishes: jamon, gambas plancha and oxtail. We'll definitely return for a more extensive meal the next time we are in Barcelona. For inexpensive seafood, I like El Barkito in the Eixample.
    Couple of restaurants doing modern Catalan food (not overly molecular) that doesn't get mentioned much that we love are Coure and Fermi Puig. Cata1.81 and El Toc are good moderate places for modern tapas. Excellent wines and tapas at Vinya Roel in the Exiample.
    PLA is one of our favorite for traditional Catalan restaurant in the Gotic. Also like their tapas place Bar del PLA in El Born.

    1. In Gràcia two restaurants stand out for the kind of ambience you're probably looking for: Goliard (as name checked by PBSF in this comments trail) and La Singular. Both offer remarkable, and economical re-inventions of Catalan/Spanish classics with a twist. And both offer exceptionally good service, good wines and good company. Enjoy.

      1. Thank you so much. I am so glad you guys took the time to give such details and so many suggestions! I am sure to discover new places and to have great culinary time!

        As we'll be staying for close to then days in BCN, we will surely try a few of the places suggested. I'll give comments when we come back.

        Thanks again!

        1. Hi again, another excellent value restaurant in Gràcia you may want to check out is Somodó, with an evening menu degustación for only 25€. Excellent attention to detail, excellent food, excellent value. So good I hosted my birthday party there last year. All the best.

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            Thanks BCNLocal... this looks very promising.