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Aug 2, 2014 06:23 AM

Berkshires- Lenox Lee Seafood question

Looking for the best place to buy fresh seafood to cook at home. Is Guido's the only show in town? I bought swordfish twice from them last spring. The first time it was very good, the second time it was flavorless so now I don't trust them. I will drive to Great Barrington or Dalton area. thanks in advance.

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  1. Guidos is generally very reliable. That's where we always go.

    1. We're landlocked. Nothing is truly fresh. Try a trip to Troy Farmers Market some Saturday. There's a fish monger with fresh from Long Island fish and shellfish.

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        Well closer is North Shoee seafood in Northampton; they go to Boston for fish almost daily. Or eat locally raised chicken, beef, lamb, or pork

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          Is North Shore Seafood the one on King Street down from Stop n Shop? If so, what do you recommend?

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            Yes, that is it.. I recommend going in and asking the guys what is best that day! The swordfish and tuna are always wonderful. I have been shopping there for over 25 years.
            They also make fabulous smoked fish; my favorite is the Eden smoked salmon.

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              Thanks, magies mom. Hope to give it a try next week --- although when it comes to cooking fish, I'm still a real novice after all these years. I can do shrimp, but fish intimidates me.
              Do you have a foolproof and easy recipe for something beginner-ish? Preferably a white fish ---
              (If you're too busy, I understand.)

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                Here is a good basic recipe for cod, hake, haddock or the like.

                For two servings
                1,pound fish
                About 3/4 c white wine
                Zest of one lemon
                1/2 c olives
                1t crushed red pepper or less to taste
                2T olive oil

                Put the fish in a small roasting pan . Pour wine around fish. Add olives and lemon zest around edges, sprinkle red pepper and a little salt on top, along with olive oil.

                Bake for about 20 minutes until flaky.

                If you don't like olives you can use a little crushed tomato and/ or garlic.

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                  Sounds great. And you even anticipated subbing out the olives! Thanks! (I'm assuming 350 oven?)

      2. We used to travel to West Brattleboro to a little fish market/restaurant called Gillies (can't remember correct spelling), but they unfortunately closed in the past couple years. We rely upon Guido's/Mazzeo's, which hasn't let us down yet. Fish can be a crap shoot at times.

        1. The Berkshire Coop in Great Barrington receives deliveries from Berkshore, who drive stuff fresh from the Boston docks to GB. I know they deliver Tuesday, and possibly again over the weekend, but I'm not sure. The stuff is definitely fresh (come on, it takes 2.5 hours from Boston), New England-caught, and has always been tasty and fairly priced. Berkshore also sells directly at the GB Farmers' Market on Saturdays -- had some exquisite scallops a few weeks ago.

          Rubiner's Cheesemongers also has a weekly fish order -- not totally sure how it works, I think it's largely by preorder, but with a limited amount available by request. I have no direct experience but knowing Rubiner's, it will be good.

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            Thanks. I love Ruby's Cafe so will ask about the fish order next time I am there. Hope to make it to the GBFM but there are so many great FM's around I haven't been there yet.

          2. Haven't lived up here for a few years, but "Darryl's, the other brother" on route 8 in Otis was our fish store of choice. They supply fish to many restaurants in the Berkshires.