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PVD/RI * August '14 * Open/Closed/Coming Soon

Another month gone and I did not make it to any new establishments. What is new out there in PVD / RI?

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  1. Bocado opened in the old Cuban Revolution space in Olneyville. Spanish tapas and some larger plates. 60 Valley Street.

    Diving back, I saw that Letty's Cocina Artisanal opened in Providence on Broadway on the corner where Mi Deleite used to be. Looks like a nice little renovation. 488 Broadway.

    1. Thai Basil is opening soon in the spot formerly occupied by Sicilia's at the end of Mineral Spring Ave in North Providence. Looks like they've put a lot of work into renovating the space.

      Not sure how new this is, but saw that Faial has opened a second location (cleverly named Faial II) on Putnam Pike in Greenville. Don't remember seeing that the last couple times I'd been down that way (within the last couple months anyway).

      1. Providence has an outdoor rooftop bar: Rooftop at the G.

        This terrific new venue is located on the sixth floor of the old Providence Gas building on Dorrance Street. A gigantic G is affixed to the front facade.

        The space is quite large. A bar is the centerpiece with large roomy half-moon couches on one side and tables with umbrellas on the other. A stone railing rims the entire space.

        We went at 6 p.m. on a Friday night. It was crowded but we got a table within 15 minutes. My proseco was descent. My companion’s Rielsing was fair. Beer and wine are moderately priced. There are no prices for cocktails on the menu but friends have told me they are a tad high for Providence. Food menu ranges from a raw bar to small bites to several entrees. We shared a Margherita pizza made in the outdoor brick oven. I thought it was small for $15.00. and rather unexceptional.

        BUT the views were great and were worth a stop at the G.

        After we finished our drinks and appetizer we walked the perimeter of the roof and enjoyed looking at the city on three sides and the Route 195 bridge on the fourth. It was fun identifying Providence's various landmarks and we spent as much time talking about the city’s numerous examples of 19th century Federal and Victorian architecture with its detailed moldings, capitols, and windows as we did enjoying our table-side drinks.

        When we left around 8 pm there was a long line waiting for the elevator to the roof.

        The Rooftop at the G is a lively lovely fun addition to the Providence bar scene.

        It is almost like being in New York City …almost..

        1. The Salted Slate opened in Wayland Square where Farmstead used to be. Went there for brunch on Sunday and would certainly go back. The bag of warm doughnut(s) reminded me of malasadas. Perfectly cooked eggs and delicious ribbons of bacon from Pat's Pastured. Excellent service as well.

          1. harry's burger bar is expanding to atwells apparently. not sure when they're due to open, but demo/renovation was going on yesterday.

            1. Heard that Succatash was closed or changing into something new, also heard that Cafe Ole (ie Barstow) has closed

              1. I am trying to recall the name of the restaurant that preceded Chez Pascal on Hope Street. Does anyone remember it?

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                  Was it a traditional French restaurant? I seem to remember going there with my grammar-school French class, and we had to order in French. For some reason, I thought it was also named Chez Pascal, but that's probably just the fog of memory!

                    1. re: atheorist

                      RhodyRedHen, it was a traditional French restaurant similar to Chez Pascal in its ambiance and menu.

                      atheorist, La France sounds right. Thank you.

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                    Anyone old enough to remember what was in that space 40-50 years ago? Chicken Delight! (also Pizza Delight, but the pizza was far from delightful, our choice was Art's)

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                      I remember La France, but Chicken Delight? I'm old enough to remember, but I don't! LOL Does anyone remember the French bakery on Hope St? I can't recall the name, or where exactly it was located...but I remember going there a number of times. I think it may have closed about 20 years ago.

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                        The French Pastry Shop. Amazing place. Right on the corner of Hope St and North Avenue (I guess where Cook & Brown is now. My great-aunt used to take me there for petit fours. Apricot tarts, napoleons, and the best eclairs -- chocolate, vanilla, and my favorite -- coffee!!

                        Also, of course, those little pastilles in the round tins.

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                          That might be it, though I thought the name was actually Les Petit Fours. Or am I thinking of another French bakery? The one I'm thinking of closed in the mid-90s, maybe earlier?

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                            Well, they moved up Hope St a few blocks (across Hope St from what used to be Royals, a legendary variety store) before closing -- maybe that location was called Les Petit Fours? I'm pretty sure the awning of the original store said French Pastry Shop, but we're going back over 40 years now!

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                              if i remember correctly, les petit fours was in the building now occupied by not just snacks.

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                                I first frequented Les Petits Fours, in the mid-70s, for its wonderful Parisian style desserts. As I recall, it was on Hope Street in the block now occupied by Cook and Brown but not in that space. It was a few doors up on the corner of Hope and 8th Street. It then moved further up Hope Street to the space now occupied by Not Just Snacks.

                                This thead reminds me of the widely different eyewitness recollections of a crime scene.

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                                  You know what? It might have had two names. I am 99 percent sure the awning (a long awning, it was a long store, the only other store in the block was a cleaners or cleansers as old RIers might recall fondly) in one place said French Pastry Shop. That is what we called it but I think it was part of the name too. First place I ever had a palmier. And theirs were goooooood.

                  2. CAFE ATLANTIC opened in the spot which was home to MAINELLI'S (Chalkstone Avenue) for decades.

                    Sadly, ORCHARD HOUSE HOUSE CAFE (in nearby Seekonk, MA), closed it's doors for good earlier this summer. Dave B. opened the cozy spot (in the Benny's Plaza on Central Ave) about 6 years ago, shortly after he closed his beloved "JOHNNY B's DINER" on Cranston St, in Cranston RI. He brought his old menu favorites to the new location, (serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner) and gave it a good try for many years. It will be missed.

                    Also, PIZZA HUT on Mineral Spring Ave in North Providence (a staple on that street for 35 years) closed their doors, and demolition began inside the structure and out. The sign outside says it will be the new home of "The Revolution". Not really sure what kind of place it will be. It's still a tough economy when a Pizza Hut shutters it's doors - especially when it's next door to a high school!

                    Speaking of pizza, PIZZA! PIZZA! PIZZA! on Douglas Pike in Smithfield (next door to Rocco's) closed earlier this summer after being there for a few years. The many times I went (when I was in the area), they had delicious pizza and dough boys. Never tried their wings (which they also specialized in) but many said they were excellent. Alas, no more.

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                      "the revolution" on mineral spring is another pizza place. lord knows that's something mineral spring needs more of....

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                        That Pizza Hut was disgusting. Dark, dank, unclean, staffed by disinterested and distracted teens, it will not be missed.

                        1. re: Garris

                          True, Garris...true, true, true. But that's probably why it lasted that long! LOL

                          Is REVOLUTION a local place or is it a chain/franchise?

                      2. Kiss Ruth Chris off in PVD. Welcome Capitol Grill. That whole block over there will be a ghost town. Some newb's also. It should hit soon. But too many high end places for such a small city. NY prices with the non NY bling.

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                        1. re: Frank Terranova

                          Is Ruth Chris really closing their doors, or are they going to relocate as well? I'm surprised they have lasted as long as they did through the on-going recession. Any info on who will take Capital Grille's place?

                          1. re: OOliver

                            Next July they are gone I think that's when their lease is up. Gtech owns the building. Very smart move on CG.They will do private parties on the deck in the summer for 200 plus the small inside room can easily seat 70ish more than likely the parking garage will be accessible. It will take a few months to figure who twill occupy their place but if its anything like the bar or burger place that area is lost.IMO.

                          2. re: Frank Terranova

                            I'm sorry, I'm not sure I understand your comment. Are you saying that Ruth Chris is closing next July, and that Capital Grille will be moving over to that spot then?

                            1. re: winedude

                              The news reports said that CG was moving there in early 2015, not a year from now. How can RC stay there until next July? I'm not following, either.