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Aug 2, 2014 03:12 AM

Who has Blueberry Ice Cream?

Any suggestions where blueberry ice cream is sold in store in Manhattan.
Any suggestions where blueberry ice cream is sold in supermarket in Manhattan (brand name(s)please!).

Thank you!

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  1. Ronnybrook Dairy sells a very good version at the Union Square farmer's market. I believe they also have a stand/stall at Chelsea Market.

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      thanks for the info. you're great!
      Is Ronnybrook Dairy there at the Union Square farmer's market everyday?

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        my pleasure. i'm not 100 percent sure. the manager runs the stand at my local market in Jackson heights. that's sunday only. I will ask tomorrow.

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          Ronnybrook can often also be found at Whole Foods. But call first to check what flavors they currently stock. And they are also at the W97th St green market on Fridays.

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            I've also seen ronnybrook sold at fairway and gristede's, but flavors depend on location so make some phone calls first....

        2. Chloe's in Union Square serves a non-dairy blueberry sorbet. It's excellent.

          Oddfellows had a blueberry and honey when they first opened in Manhattan.

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          1. Graeter's Blueberry Pie is one of the better ice creams sold in markets.

            You can find that, and all of Graeter's other flavors, at your local D'Agostino's.

            1. When I last went to Laboratorio del Gelato a couple of days ago, blueberry was one of their featured ice cream flavors. Their gelato is wonderful, though I haven't tried that particular flavor. If you call them in advance or walk in and wait a few minutes, I believe they would pack a container for you to take out.