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Aug 1, 2014 09:44 PM

South Point Breakfast Buffet

I avoid buffets. There are too many choices, and it's a scene at the stations. And when I leave, I'm always stuffed because I ate too much.

So when I was confronted with the breakfast buffet at South Point this morning, I thought "How many ways can you cook eggs?" It's silly to have a BREAKFAST buffet because it's probably like the "buffets" at the Hampton Inns where you can pick your egg and toast from the other egg and toast.

Well let me tell you, this is a whole different deal.

There is a Mexican breakfast area, an English breakfast area, a German breakfast area, a Chinese breakfast area, as well as a waffle, pancake and baked goods area, and of course an omelette cooking station, etc.

And in the salad island they have fresh fruit, yogurt, granola, etc.

My breakfast this morning was mostly German, with a selection from the charcuterie offerings, cheeses and pickles, along with toast (I wish they had fresh bread). I also had some fresh watermelon and a cup of yogurt with blueberries on top. I put granola on top of that. My only complaints, in addition to the lack of fresh bread, were that the pepperoni seemed packaged and the blueberries seemed frozen.

I'm a wuss. I could have had a full English breakfast, which I love. Or huevos rancheros, which I also love. But I stuck to the diet.

Anyway, I was really surprised by this. And especially the price. It's $9.95 or $7.95 with a players club card. An unbelievable bargain in my mind.

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  1. Thanks for the review! I used to go to the Orleans buffet a lot, but hadn't gone for a year or two before revisiting it a few weeks ago. I found the food incredibly salty and everything tasted premade/frozen. So maybe I'll go give South Point a try! Did they have fried scallops? I remember them having great fried scallops.

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      No scallops at breakfast and the blueberries are indeed frozen. The South Point's huevos rancheros are ready-made but I assemble my own version by asking the cook in the Mexican area to top the easy over eggs with rancheros sauce.