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Myrtle Beach area next week

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My husband and I will be vacationing in the North Myrtle area next week and are looking for some new recommendations. We have been coming to Myrtle Beach from Texas for 6-ish years, so we have already found some consistently great spots, but always open to new ideas! Doesn't need to be kid-friendly, but family places are fine, and we are willing to drive if its worth it. High-end to cheap: we just want good food. Also, if anyone here can recommend a great local seafood source, that would be fantastic. Thanks in advance! We hope to relocate to a Carolina shoreline in our future :)

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  1. Might be helpful if you list the places you've been to previously. Also, have you looked at some of the existing threads? Such as:


    1. I've reviewed the previous threads---we have been to most of the places listed with the exceptions of Dave's Dockside, Lee's Inlet Kitchen, Fire and Smoke, and Bistro 90. Do you agree with these recommendations? I've also heard good things about Gulfstream Cafe, but is their brunch any good?

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        I prefer brunch at dockside but gulfstream is good. My favorite breakfast places in myrtle beach area are Johnny ds , croissants, and sea captains (only breakfast).
        Harrelson's and seven seas are great seafood sources.
        Bistro 90 is an excellent choice for the North end!!!