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Aug 1, 2014 09:23 PM

Myrtle Beach area next week

My husband and I will be vacationing in the North Myrtle area next week and are looking for some new recommendations. We have been coming to Myrtle Beach from Texas for 6-ish years, so we have already found some consistently great spots, but always open to new ideas! Doesn't need to be kid-friendly, but family places are fine, and we are willing to drive if its worth it. High-end to cheap: we just want good food. Also, if anyone here can recommend a great local seafood source, that would be fantastic. Thanks in advance! We hope to relocate to a Carolina shoreline in our future :)

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  1. Might be helpful if you list the places you've been to previously. Also, have you looked at some of the existing threads? Such as:

    1. I've reviewed the previous threads---we have been to most of the places listed with the exceptions of Dave's Dockside, Lee's Inlet Kitchen, Fire and Smoke, and Bistro 90. Do you agree with these recommendations? I've also heard good things about Gulfstream Cafe, but is their brunch any good?

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        I prefer brunch at dockside but gulfstream is good. My favorite breakfast places in myrtle beach area are Johnny ds , croissants, and sea captains (only breakfast).
        Harrelson's and seven seas are great seafood sources.
        Bistro 90 is an excellent choice for the North end!!!

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          Just our experience - we had a terrible time at Bistro 90 this past week. I don't know if the success has become too much for them, but after loving Fire and Smoke for two previous trips, we wanted to try something else good, and the visit there was about as bad as you can get.

          All the food lacking in flavor, or overwhelmed by salt, poorly cooked steaks, and an owner that wanted to argue with us about an incorrectly cooked meal. I have never been so embarrassed by the owner of an establishment. We couldn't wait to get out of there, and it really put a damper on an overall wonderful trip to Myrtle. Just wanted to put this out here, because I scoured these boards looking for a place to eat, and picked Bistro 90 in part because of the recommendations here. :(

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            I really hate to hear that! But I must say I am shocked since I know the owner and that is very out of character.

      2. I like Collector's Café 7700 block of N. Kings Hwy. Myrtle Beach. The front of the restaurant is not that inviting...appears to be in sort of a strip mall. They have a large menu with great service. We've been there 4 times in the last 3 years and have always had a nice meal with good service. The two of us can have a great meal for about $100.00. The bonus is the large selection of artwork on display. I hope that this helps.

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          I'm seconding your recommendation on the Collectors Cafe because I was there about three years ago. I Fell upon the place and boy was I very pleasantly surprised. You always expect beach towns to have "meh" food options or strictly family fare. Not the case with Collectors Cafe. It's upscale dining (and prices, be forewarned!) Creative and thoughtfully prepared. I recall gracious service to boot.

          I'm going back to Myrtle this week with family and I'm thrilled the restaurant is still around. I'll be back! Those scallop cakes are still calling my name!