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Aug 1, 2014 08:40 PM

Fraser Valley Slow Food Cycle Tour

Has anyone done this? Thinking about heading out tomorrow.

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  1. i have not personally cycled this area - however, it sounds like fun - do they have a 'sag wagon" or at least a vehicle that protects you and carries your purchases

    I really like this episode of Lynne Crawford "Pitchin In" - the goats are amazing - and the herb farm - I think you should go - and stay safe in this heat - and report back

    have a look at this video

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    1. re: Georgia Strait

      Did the bike your on Saturday and had a wonderful time. It was great to visit some lesser known farms. Very humble, under the radar type places. The bike ride was warm but the roads are all flat so the riding was actually quite easy.


      Tasty Chicken

      Farmhouse cheese

      There was a convenient shuttle for any purchases so that we did not have to be burdened with our delightful purchases.

      The only downside was that there wasn't really a place that served a true lunch.

      Highly recommend for next year!

      1. re: Georgia Strait

        I haven't done the Fraser Valley one but I have done the Pemberton one the last few years. Great spots to grab anything from lunch, lemonade, popsicles, veggies, fruits etc. The road is flat and fairly mellow and they do have a service to pick you up at the end of the road.