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Aug 1, 2014 08:13 PM

Lid for Griswold No. 6 skillet

It used to be that one could get a generic glass lid for a cast iron skillet in a hardware store, but that seems not be the case anymore.  When I broke the lid for my generic skillet I shopped around online until I found a glass lid and took a chance on it.  It works, but is not an ideal fit.

With name-brand vintage skillets there are vintage iron lids guaranteed to fit, but these are rare and more expensive than the skillets themselves.  So when I recently acquired a Griswold No. 6 I expected to do without a lid.  Then I stumbled upon a stainless steel lid which seemed to be about the right size, and it was on clearance, so I bought it.  It is a Viking 8.7 inch (22 cm).

This lid is a near-perfect fit for my Griswold No. 6, and it is very nice.  It is sturdier than my All-Clad lids and has a shallow dome shape.  If you have a No. 6 skillet, want a lid, and would be satisfied with stainless steel, consider this one.

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  1. Department stores sell lids with concentric ridges on the underside that allow the lid to snugly fit multiple diameter pots/pans. I had one from Bradlee's, which no longer exists, but is on a par with K-Mart or Walmart.

    1. I mix lids when I need to. But I have noticed that GW has loose lids and I might try to snag one of those for my 10.5" T Fall skillet. I sometimes note that the glass lids for cheaper pots are nicer than the pots themselves.