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Aug 1, 2014 07:32 PM

Smoked Lakerda (fish) for sale in the SFV?

Hey all, looking for an Israeli specialty food called lakerda:

For purchase in the SFV.

Anyone have any leads?


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  1. I grew up trying to avoid eating lakerda because it is so fishy and gross...bearing in mind that I love uni and virtually anything at a sushi bar. In any event, to my knowledge, lakerda is cured Bonita, not smoked. The version I am familiar with is Greek or Turkish in origin. You might want to check with Armenian, Greek or Turkish delis. Based on what I saw as a kid, it's easy to prepare....just bury Bonita in salt the way you would Gravlax.

    1. Bonito not Bonita.... auto correct strikes again.