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Aug 1, 2014 06:28 PM

Excellent service at Marche Bacchus

We decided to celebrate away from the strip ( a short 20-25 minute drive) and chose Marche Bacchus simply because we've never been there and wanted a nice, quiet, place with view and live music.
M B is located in a hidden residential community of Summerlin and the back of the restaurant faces a portion of a serene man made lake, with goose, ducks and sights of pontoon boats crossing. The rest of the view would consist of townhouses and residentials.
I ordered their house special Halibut with spinach which was beautifully pan seared. My wife's Salmon was cooked medium as the chef had recommended and she likewise enjoyed it. As to my son's steak frites, the fries were very good and crunchy. But the steak, which was even cooked medium rare, was a little chewy.
Service was excellent, attentive and server was very knowledgeable about food and wine. We ended up buying a bottle of the 2010 Stoller Pinot Noir which I enjoyed with my meal.
I would rate service with 5 stars and food at 3.5 stars. Overall ambiance of the place, 4 stars.

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  1. A whisper that is getting louder has Luciano Pellegrini, formerly of Valentino, on his way over to Marche to become head chef. That would be quite a coup - Pellegrini has a chance to bring the kind of Italian cooking that is extremely difficult to find in Las Vegas "neighborhood" restaurants, and we hope to see a Valentino-ish menu over there in the near future.

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      Its already been announced, but only as a consultant.

      1. re: uhockey

        Really, where? I know AS was consulting there for a while.

        1. re: LVI

          Saw it on Twitter - either from Eater or Vegas Seven. Will try to dig it up. Stratta is now doing his own thing - at least 2 new restaurants in the area by year's end including an Italian Steakhouse at Gramercy.