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Aruba Taiwanese Street Food on Irving (SF)

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I noticed this place a couple of weeks ago. A lot of grilled stuff on skewers. Smelled good and prices seem good - 2 items for $3. I didn't try anything - it's not my taste, but I thought I'd post it to the board.

And here's their Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/p...) I wouldn't exactly call it a restaurant - don't go there expecting to have a sit-down meal.

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  1. sticks BBQ (2138 irving) recently closed. previous eatery at this spot also sold skewers. coincidence or the same people?

    1. Aruba appears to specialize in a Taiwan street food genre known as 滷味, translated by them as "Taiwanese Marinated Food." It consists of an assortment of offal-centric meats, veggies, and tofu cooked in a five spice flavored soy sauce broth. I'm told that the ingredients of your choice are typically just served in a cup with a spring onion garnish but they had knife-cut noodles on a "specials" board so I ordered those with chicken hearts and "QQ Tofu" as toppings.

      I don't know if the noodles were made in-house (if they were, they were made in advance) but they were acceptably robust and chewy and I liked both the thinly sliced chicken hearts and the firm tofu. The broth was similar to a Taiwanese beef noodle soup broth, a bit on the sweet side, and benefited from a few squirts of sriracha.

      They also offer skewers and, according to their website, pork rice. They promise a rotation of specials, worth keeping an eye out for.