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Aug 1, 2014 06:03 PM

Italian food in Fresno!

Well after a long wait we tried Giuseppe Gallo"s Italian in Clovis! I asked for some marinara sauce with Italan bread and butter...we got two biscuits and a small finger bowl of thin, overly rosemary flavored tart gravy ......I can judge an Italian restaurant by their marinara! ..it was poor to middling. The so called bread was pitiful with no butter as I requested. My friend ordered a "cup" of minestrone soup. He had to return it as it was thin and flavorless with only a few pieces of way over cooked what looked to be over cooked penne or rigatoni pasta! I asked for a sausage pepperoni Calzoni that took nearly 50 minutes to present......All I can say to bring this NEGATIVE comment to an end is they need to have the DiCicco' Marinara with their endless Freshly baked Italian bread offered with pads of Challenge butter to dip into the marinara and order one of their Calzonis just to learn how it's done. The waitress at G. Gallos was scratching her head as well. It's a small crowded atmosphere with the bar in your face ,..not conducive to a family style restaurant. Mike's and DiCicco's still carry the flame for Italian food in Fresno. We dislike Parma as well.

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    1. Jeff, I understand Gallo's has a sister restaurant called Capo's, Nees/Palm. I wonder if you've tried it or maybe you're fed up with Gallo?
      I misss Guilia's! I do enjoy Parma, but you need to bring a full wallet.
      Have you been following Cracked Pepper? I heard it's open on Palm/Herndon, dinner only.