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Aug 1, 2014 03:40 PM

Dulan’s On Crenshaw -- Pass the Pork Chop

I have a confession to make. Years ago I wrote this post on going for BBQ for One:

I never used it.

I just could not get over that you could do BBQ for one!! No matter how I tried when I would go out with someone I'd end up with left overs. Horsetheif, left overs. Bludsos left overs for a week... I had plenty of good BBQ and Soul Food since then, but I probably would have never gone if someone hadn't wanted to go.

And so, a couple of weeks ago, we noticed Dulans had opened up on Crenshaw, not far form our commute area. I made notice, "Oh, we should check it out." But P knows me better... there was no way on my own volition would we go. So last night due to some work and puppy craziness, I asked him to bring home dinner. Smart man went to Dulans...

Because Flossies is the fried chicken queen, usually when I go to Soul Food places, I get the meatloaf. Turkey meatloaf if I had a choice. So P. got me the meatloaf and he got the Smothered Pork Chops.

The meatloaf was very good. Tender without being pasty. The sauce was also quite good, not overpowering but it certainly made the dish. The Mashed Potatoes were much better than I expected, much better than Flossies. The greens were good, seasoned well with pork but a bit salty. My current favorite greens are from the Ralphs on Rodeo and La Brea when the girl gets them from "the back" It came with another side, in this case it was succotash, which was MUCH better than I expected. Very tomatoey and with a great amount of not overcooked okra. All and it was very tasy, although as usual, I had lots of left overs and I wondered it was really worth the $16 for meatloaf.

P offered me some of his Smothered Pork Chop. I'm not a huge fan of smothered dishes from having to politely taste some of my co-workers dishes at Roscoes. I just don't get the fried and then drenched in sauce dishes (I even have issues with Orange Chicken).

OMG!! I wanted to steal it all! I had never had a pork chop quite like this. It was fork tender and so flavorful. The gravy was wonderfully balanced and did not hide any of of the flavor of the pork or spiced dredge. The Mac N Cheese was okay (I still like Horsetheif's the best) and the dressing was actually quite delicious, not gummy or dry at all. But those pork chops, DEFINITELY worth the $16 and drive.

And yes, we have left overs, tonight we'll be enjoying them!


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  1. dommy that chop looks dynamite! you were lucky to get that bite.

    1. I'm betting that pork chop and its gravy with those mashed potatoes would make the angels sing. And the greens.

      The only thing Roscoe's has charmed me with was their mac'n'cheese, and that's been really good only sometimes. When Mrs. O is out of town week after next I'm going to see what Big Mama's can do, but the best "soul food" I've found so far in Pasadena (fried chicken excepted) came off my stove, and that's just everyday Illinois/Tennessee cooking.

      1. I will add some info. It's 2 portions of the main for the dinner size plus 3 sides and 2 better than average corn bread pucks. They wrapped them up quite nice. I went there from work on my bike. Since the bag was hanging from my handlebars on the 2.5 mile ride home over bumpy streets, it was swaying like a hammock in a hurricane. but as you see from the photos they arrived none the worse for wear. Also they filled my water bottle of sweet tea so I had it in a better container for travel. It was quite good.

        Dulan's On Crenshaw Soul Food
        4859 Crenshaw Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90043
        (323) 296-3034

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        1. re: Mattapoisett in LA

          What's the cornbread like? I think you know my prejudices …

          1. re: Will Owen

            They had nice corn flavor but they were premade as pucks and a tad on the dry side. I'd give them a 6.5 out of 10

        2. My wife loves coming here when she has time in the area, I've made it over a few times. Large portions, good food, really nice staff.

          1. There's one over by the costco in inglewood and another in inglewood not far from the forum on Manchester.