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Aug 1, 2014 02:59 PM

"Veggie" (The Word That Dare Not Speak Its Name) Burritos

I'm not a vegetarian, at all. But every now and then I want a burrito with no meat, but more than just beans and cheese. Today was one of those days. I went to Astro Burger, because it's close. Their "Veggie Burrito" is filled with refried beans, cheese, tomato, lettuce, onions and avocado. I asked for salsa on the side, which turned out to be a quite good pico de gallo. I brought it home, drizzled that on top, along with a healthy dose of Cholula.

It was surprisingly delicious. It reminded me of long-lost Anelcy's, which used to be my favorite, although without their amazing dirty salsa roja. All the vegetables were freshly sliced, the avocado was perfectly ripe, the lettuce was a nice mix (no iceberg), and the whole thing was lightly griddled.

Got me to thinking about other veggie burrito options, and so I searched the board. Not only has a "veggie burrito" apparently NEVER been mentioned here, but until this post neither has the word "veggie," in any context. I'm not a fan of the word (it always conjures up nasty '70s alfafa sprouts for me), but I find it shocking.

Anyway, where do you get your burrito with no meat and a variety of fillings?

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  1. burntwater turned me on to this place near USC...tasty "indian" burritos.

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    1. re: jessejames

      That looks awesome. A chicken tikka burrito is a brilliant idea!

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        you can find this at F&E, it's pretty damn tasty for $2.99 or w/e.

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          go for that. I like the spinach and cheese number meat but hell that thing aint a light lunch! ive been 2x now and will go back (we like to go to the science center and museums down there)

        2. Chile relleno burritos at Ana Maria's in Grand Central Market

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            oh yeah that's a classic...and the Fernando's burrito at gilberts el indio.

              1. Can't speak for the LA area, but Gordo's in San Francisco does a black bean burrito (black beans, rice, salsa, avocado) that's quite good, and the (local?) chain Una Mas had a basic bean and rice burrito the last time I was there.

                1. my go to place for a low-cal, healthful, vegetarian, build-your-own burrito is freebirds.
                  that said, as one would expect, a low cal burrito is not going to taste like a lard-laden burrito. . . . .
                  they offer
                  1) three different types of beans, two of which are made with no added fat.
                  2) at least 6 different types of salsas (you can have all of them on the same burrito if you like
                  3) whole wheat tortillas if you wish
                  4) the will give you avocado at no extra charge on a vegetarian burrito
                  5) a couple of different types of lettuce
                  6) chopped cilantro (which they consider to be a salsa, unlimited)

                  very cheap.

                    1. re: ipsedixit

                      How have I missed this place. Pics look lovely. I'm also intrigued by the photos of their chile verde. The description is "costillas" en chile verde, but it looks more like shoulder. Anyone had it?

                      1. re: jesstifer

                        I don't believe it's shoulder. But don't hold me to it.