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Best Steakhouse?

Coming into LA for the first time will be staying by Hollywood BLVD looking for Steakhouse recommendations for my girlfriends birthday dinner

Type of steak we like are NY Strip and Filet's

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    1. Dan Tanas is a great place for a birthday dinner. Make sure to ask to sit in the bar room.

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        or if on Hollywood blvd and are going to be ordering steaks not other dishes musso and franks is a cool spot for a visitor. wood fired grill for the steaks and chops.

      2. The Grill on The Alley has a Hollywood Blvd location and has excellent steaks.

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          With all do respect, the Hollywood location is not very good. The Beverly Hills location is good, but there are better choices.

        2. How much are you willing to drive? How much are you willing to spend per person exclusive of drinks, tax and tip? $20? $30? $40? $50?

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            I would be taking uber or cab so nothing to crazy far, and price on dinner unlimited

          2. Seeing as money is not object, the one steak I want is at Chi Spacca...$175 for two. It sounds great, and will probably be different than your normal steakhouse fare.

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              Having been there the other night (but not having the steak), it would be my choice. My new fav except no full bar.

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                you need to reserve early as they generally only have two seatings.

              2. Best steaks are at Dan Tana's (not a steakhouse, but still...)

                Fiorentino at Angelini Osteria

                Chi Spacca. Which is more of a meat-centric Italian restaurant.

                The Grill. (again, not a steakhouse per se).

                Best steakhouse is Cut.

                If it was me and all the above? Probably Chi Spacca.

                1. I paid $22.00 an OUNCE, for a Waygu Filet, at CUT 3 years ago!

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                    Cut is great with perhaps the best starters and sides. But they promote the wagyu and exorbitant varieties, so you feel cheapish if you "only" go for the very high-priced on their own regular prime steaks.

                    For an "only-in-L.A." experience at the high end, perhaps Mastro's Beverly Hills. At the right times, lots of gorgeous young ones dining with (or waiting for) their very wealthy, much older "uncles." Their bone-in filet is much-lauded on this board.

                    For me, I have trouble with L.A. steakhouses where I spend 6 times what I could buy the same cut (and choose it) from Ralph's and grill it myself, and have it offered alone so I am also paying close to or into double digits for a baked potato or other side and close to the same for a vegetable. And a salad or starter. And perhaps a dessert. And paying a premium for drinks or wine.

                    One of the high-end places that makes sense to me is Fogo de Chao. Yes, you are going to the "salad" bar yourself (it is really so much more than that -- jumbo asparagus, high-quality charcuterie meats, that fantastic wheel of parmagiano-reggiano, and more. The endless succession of grilled meats, where you can pace yourself and choose from right in front of you the doneness of the meat and whether you want lean or fatty. I view Fogo as a touch more casual of a high-end steak experience but when you add up a full, even gluttonous meal, a value and sometimes (DineLA) a true bargain.