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Aug 1, 2014 01:58 PM

Beyond meat?

Any reviews? Looking for something with a really good protein count that I can make a meal from...

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  1. My only issue with it was the cost (like $8 per pkg!), tasted very good with a good texture. But honestly not significantly better or different from the chickenless strips at trader joes or the version that Yves makes- which are less than half the price. I actually don't even have faux meat very often.... Field roast makes really great high protein products but no faux chicken item. Their sausages are very popular with veg*ns and omnis, highly recommended.

    For high protein vegan options tempeh (approx 25g protein per serving) lentils (approx 18g protein per cup) hemp seeds (approx 10g protein per 2TB) and pressed baked tofu (varies, approx 15g protein) would be my first picks- hemp seeds are amazing since you can add to nearly anything.

      1. I like their product very much. I disagree that it is similar to TJs Chicken-less strips. Those, I believe, are seitan, as are Upton's products. Those are both great, but Beyond Meat has a very different texture and flavor. It is pea-based, and does not have any kind of sauce/strong seasoning, so lends itself better to various preparations. I have used it in a Pad See Ew recipe (the ATK "No-stir, Thai noodles"), as well as sautéed with onions in a mustard sauce, over mashed potatoes.

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          The Whole Foods near me makes Buffalo sticks out of Beyond Meat and puts them on the salad bar. So tasty. I buy these from the salad bar and eat them with celery sticks and bleu cheese dressing for dinner. Feels naughty, tastes great.

        2. I think they are pretty good as long as served mixed into a recipe on not on their own. For example, I wouldn't just eaten the chickenless strips as my protein with side items, I would want to shred it and make tacos or something. My favorite proteins (outside of beans, which I absolutely adore), or more so my favorite vegan meats, would be Gardein brand or Whole Foods 365 brand. The chickenless nuggets buy 365 are the best I've had. A company called Delight Soy, though not nearly as widely available, has a nugget and patty that are amazing in a chickenless salad (I mix with celery and just mayo or vegenaise).

          Another great one, absolutely amazing, is Butlers Soy Curls. They can be purchased at many places online and they are made from whole soybeans, they aren't overly processed which I love. Plus, they're freaking TASTY.

          I've been plant based for a very long time and if you let me know what kinds of meals you're hoping to make I can attempt to give you some good substitutes. :)

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            Could you give some ideas for the Soy Curls? I bought some and tried them once, but we really didn't love them that much. Texture kinda weird. I soaked and squeezed them out,as suggested,and made a BBQ preparation as suggested for BBQ sandwiches. I found them to be a bit rubbery and squishy, and didn't absorb the sauce flavors that well.

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              I agree, SC. Was not impressed with the texture or even the shape. Tried them a couple of times. There are still a couple of pkgs in the pantry so I would love to hear any good ideas for them. Maybe if they were cooked to have crispiness that would help.

              Beyond Meat uses canola oil which I try to avoid. Do not like the taste or the source.

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                Beyond Meat is going to be helpful to me as my dad developed a soy allergy and I've been using quorn and Grain Roast sausages...so the chicken strips and beef crumble is pretty great. Personally I can recommend Quorn meatballs (veg not vegan) if you lightly pan fry them and then put them in a sauce they have the best texture of all the meatball products I've tried.

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              Could you please add any Soy Curl recipes to this thread about Soy Curls and what to do with them? http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/987497

              I've only got about a third of the way through one bag and I bought six. Thanks!

            3. I rather liked the Beyond Meat chicken strips. The beef crumbles were not as stellar but if you can grab some free coupons, definitely try it out to see what you think