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Aug 1, 2014 01:41 PM

where would you go for some classy bachelorette drink/food celebrations?

Have you gone anywhere with a small-ish (7-10) group that you've really enjoyed? Excellent alcoholic drinks, and possibly some food items as well? Memorable atmosphere (could be also be a bit quirky though)? Possibly not INCREDIBLY loud? (but that may be asking a lot I realize)

Wouldn't have to be especially feminine, but we're going to be playing in the city post-afternoon tea.....

thanks in advance for any thoughts/suggestions! I'd love to make this memorable for my friend!

  1. kathryn

    By "excellent alcoholic drinks" do you you mean craft cocktails?

    What day of the week? Are you looking to make reservations in advance?

    7-10 people is not a small group but a large one...Many of Manhattan's craft cocktail lounges don't have space for a group that size to sit all together.

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    I would say Sammy's Romanian Steakhouse is a lock for this.


    I ABSOLUTELY hate this place but it may be perfect for what you are looking to do: Beauty and Essex.

    This is not a comment on what you are looking for or what you want to do; it's just that B&E is not my cup of tea but many people there were there for the sort of reason you stated.


    Pegu club? (Make a reservation)
    Or if the weather is nice "jimmy" on the roof of the james hotel

    Neither are sceney/club/lounge kind of places- and um, phallic motif jewelry/hats/etc would be horribly out of place