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Aug 1, 2014 01:34 PM

L A RINCONADA Restaurant New Mexican Toms River

So today on my way home on Rt 37 in TR I got the "CRAVE" and had to go to White Castle to get a few Cheese Burgers Yummmy!......
As I drove around back along Boyde St to park and enjoy the crave I look up and I see in the space that used to be a Custom Picture Frame Store a New Mexican Restaurant "La Rinconada" that I never saw before!!! I took a picture and added it to my to go list......
We can surly use a good Mexican place in TR for sure, fingers crossed it will be something amazing!.....
I will report back sometime this weekend for sure..

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  1. Is it Mexican or New Mexican?

    1. The sign in the picture says Mexican American food ?

      1. So today we went for lunch at the new 1 month old LA RINCONADA...
        the place was crowded although small maybe 10 tables...
        nicely decorated and very clean in and out. Friendly smiling servers explained the specials.. first thing I noticed that the prices were VERY reasonable and then I saw Aunt Jamima syrup on the tables lol when I'm used to seeing Hot Sauce bottles!!,...but as the menu states it's a "Mexican and American Cuisine" which is nice for families with kids who don't eat Mexican food, and want something like Chicken Alfredo, etc,. Another nice thing is that besides a full American Breakfast menu they have a Mexican Breakfast menu section also like Huevos Ranchero, etc, etc. ....I noticed on the Specials list they had Chicken Pazzole Soup which I ordered which came with fresh 2 Tostatas with re-fried beans and cheese, with fresh radish slices & Limes, and a Red Tamales appetizer wrapped in corn husk, also got a Steak Taco which was delicious with soft home made Tortillas. Our next dish was Enchiladas Verde with a nice Green sauce. Their red sauce on the table is homemade and tasty also with fresh deep fried chips still hot when brought out..I saw a few people eating giant Torta sandwiches that looked so good also.
        Talking with the server shes told me they also own a Mexican Grocery on Wright Street also.. I will be back for breakfast and other goodies for sure.....Toms River needs a good Mexican place for sure...and to answer =M question I wouldn't consider it "TEXMEX" with everything loaded with melted cheese, lettuce, Tomatoes, etc, etc, but more "New Mexican" with a twist.

        To Be time I dig into the dinner Entrees.. ;-)

        1. In my continued review this morning I went back to have a
          Mexican Breakfast which consisted of Huevos con Chorizo with
          Rice & Beans and home made Tortillas all delicious.
          All Topped with their home made "RED" Sauce which is excellent.
          A good addition to the Toms River restaurant scene!!

          Bon Apetite`