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Aug 1, 2014 01:17 PM

Sichuan River

Finally, a win for south-of-the-river.

A new Sichuan joint, Sichuan River, will open (has opened?) in Tien Jin's stead at Westgate. Apparently one of A+A's owners pulled an A+A on their own place. (For those who don't know, A+A splintered off from Asia Cafe a few years ago.) Odam is a bit inaccurate here:

Anyone been yet?

On a related note, northern Chinese seems to be the new it:


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  1. Went today for lunch. Menu/prices comparable to other Sichuan places in town. Traditional/American menus. Ordered Chongqing chicken, spicy fish filets, cold cut plate. Big portions. High fish-to-veg ratio. Fish was very tender. Hella spicy. Best was the cold cuts: you get to pile a plate high with whatever you want from a half-dozen rotating items (today - sliced beef, chitterlings, pickled chicken feet, wood ears and peppers, spicy bamboo shoots, baby bok choy) on buffet table in back for $8.50 - prob one of best deals in town. Beef and chitterlings were esp well done. Solicitous service. Will be a regular spot for me in south.

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      that cold cut plate sounds goooood.

    2. Wish I would have known this today as we ate at CM Cafe. I have never been able to hit up any of the highly rated Sichuan places up north because they're so damned far away. Probably try this place Tuesday... Thanks for the heads up.


      1. On the phone they told me it was the same owners. We may have had some communication issues over the phone. Are you suggesting one of the ladies splintered?

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        1. re: matthewodam

          Yep, that's what A+A told me in Chinese.

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            Weird. That's who I talked to, as well. I will check in with them later today and update the blog with a correction. Thanks for pointing it out.

            1. re: conquer

              I've known the owners of A+A for about 3 years and have been trying to get them to open up a South location. From what they told me, this is not a splintering, but indeed an expansion. They had even contemplated keeping the same name for the new location, but decided against it.

              1. re: Joe MacBu

                A woman at A+A I talked to on Saturday said it had nothing to do with them. Maybe it was originally going to be an expansion, but they decided to part ways? Anyway.

                1. re: conquer

                  I went there for dinner last night. They said some of the partners of A+A are the owners, but it's not an A+A expansion. The menu is significantly different from A+A's, and the dishes that are common are prepared a bit differently. Anyway, it's fantastic that they have opened up south Austin.

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                    Was there last night, as well. Really enjoyed the Mapo tofu and sliced pork in hot chili oil and water spinach with chopped garlic. And our waitress, a hold-over from Tien Jin, was a delightful trip. (And, yes, they said one of the A+A partners/owners has partnered with the S. River owner, but not split from A+A.)

            1. re: lodermulch

              Don't know where to start. I'm not nearly familiar with Sichuan food as I am Cantonese. Need more pictures! Or at least some brief descriptions.


              1. re: sqwertz

                sqwertz - let's go and I will treat. It's is a totally different experience.

            2. Tried it tonight - everything from the outside to inside looks exactly the same as Tien Jin, except for the new Sichuan River desktop printed menu. Still had new restaurant issues though, took a while to get our food. But the food was pretty good, and definitely spicy. It's still a dreary, hole in the wall though so hopefully they invest in some atmosphere. Worth trying if you like Sichuan flavors.