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Aug 1, 2014 11:23 AM

BBQ 512 used to be Chisholm Trail

Never expected to hear myself say this but I should have gone to Rudy's if I wanted bad bbq. Saw that they had new owners so I thought "...what the hell, give 'em a shot." Even my co-workers warned me against it but it's close and I'm hungry. I should have just take my eleven bucks and run them through the shredder.

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  1. never went in there when it was chisholm trail, but what a bummer, considering how many other tasty options there are in that area :-(

    1. yep, better food at golden corral...

      1. eric - what was particularly bad about it? Could it have been an off time, not enough customers for throughput, etc? Or just poor execution? I'd hate to open a slow BBQ restaurant. I don't know how one can do it.

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          I had the two meat plate, brisket and pork ribs. The brisket was almost mush with no discernible smoke ring or smoke taste. The ribs were all spice and no real flavor. Pork should have some resistance when one bites down and pulls away the mouthful. I will not even go into the sides. But it was the same dismal quality as the old Chisholm Trail just a new name.

        2. Umm are we talking the Chisholm Trail in Lockhart? That place was always awful. The only people I know who like that place are locals who don't like the families who run the other three joints, which are all better.

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            My husband has to go regularly to meet clients who LOVE this place. Locals. He said the exact same thing - horrible.

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              No, this is the (former) Chisholm Trail in the ancient shopping center at 183 and McNeil. Same shopping center as Asia Cafe.

            2. Gave this place a shot since groupon came out with a deal, which really didn't matter. They used groupon just to get people in the door not get a deal on food. Lets just say if they clam to be the best in 512 they have a lot of work to do A LOT!!!! Food was very very bland. We added salt to everything to give it flavor even the sides. I will never go back. It was a complete waste of time and money. Wish I read these comments before going.