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Aug 1, 2014 10:36 AM

Good Chinese Take-out

My go-to takeout place is Sun Garden on Oak Street. Excellent crispy chicken chow mein and I personally really like their spicy tofu with minced beef. Sweet and Sour pork is solid, with minimal fat and gristle (and a generous amount of sauce). Never been impressed with their fried rice though. Free delivery within an 8 km radius ($20 minimum). They do have a couple of small tables - this place is definitely a takeout joint.

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  1. i really like these two recent threads (the other about elder parents moving from PG to Oakridge area) about non-fancy practical food - it's the way many of us grew up and still enjoy (as others have commented) here in BC.

    sometimes - and this applies to ALL genre (and all price ranges and venues) of food sales businesses and also charities who provide food - I do check out the official health reports -

    the reports are certainly a good reminder of what many of us have learned in various workplaces (not just hospitality) (eg basic: wash your hands well and often and esp before returning to work or changing duties) - and esp what NOT to do in our own homes or cottages. etc. Esp when creating meals for compromised elderly or other guests who have specialty requirements)

    that said - the one report I cannot find is BC Ferries - which serves food to thousands of guests in various ways out of many places in the VCH and more remote areas like Vanc Island health area.

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      Two relatives worked as cooks on the BC Ferries. From what I heard you can eat off the kitchen floors.
      Quality control and hygiene are paramount.
      Basically all the food is pre-prepared off-sight accepting fried eggs etc.
      The cook staff HATES it when someone orders fried eggs! LOL The food is one step above decent 'hospital food'. 'Never had a bad meal yet in sixty years travelling on the ferries.
      Not sure if they still serve those wonderful 'home cooked' while you watch breakfasts on the little Balfour to Crawford Bay ferry on Kootenay Lake. A little dining counter seating about ten. Delicious breakfast and if you asked nicely the old ladies would put an extra egg on your plate at no extra charge.
      "I only see two eggs on your plate. You must need glasses sonny". LOL