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Aug 1, 2014 06:23 AM

Best cheese selection at a market??

I live in Monmouth County and have the below listed markets in local driving distance:

Stop & Shop
Best Market
Trader Joes
Whole Foods
Dearborn Farms Market
Sickles Market
Delicious Orchards
Cheese Cave (not really a market)

Of the above listed markets,in your opinion, which has the best cheese selection? I tend to go to Whole Foods but ive heard Trader Joes is great. Im thinking Foodtown, Shoprite, Stop & Shop, A&P, Best Market, and Acme are sub par compared to Trader Joes, Whole Foods, Dearborn Farms,Sickles Market, Delicious Orchards and Wegmans. Ive also heard the Cheese Cave in Red Bank is great.

Would love to hear what other chowhounders think.


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      1. It probably depends on which particular store you are talking about. The ShopRites in Aberdeen and Marlboro have much bigger selections of everything than the ShopRite in Old Bridge, for example, and if you are looking for (say) kosher food, there is a vast gulf between the Lakewood ShopRite and the Old Bridge ShopRite.

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          also remember in these store who knows how long those gourmet cheeses have been laying there in the showcases...fresh is always the best.

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            Most of the gourmet cheeses do have "Best if used by" or "Sell by" dates, which gives you some clue.

        2. Middletown shop rite for huge selection and good prices. That is a huge store with tons of cheese. Wholefoods is good but pricey. Not a trader joe fan. I like wegmans but it's a hike for me.

          Don't forget Giannas and talercios Italian delis

          What kind of cheeses do you like?

          1. A bit off topic, but didn't know Foodtown was still in business. Many years ago, I worked in one in Fair Lawn with a crowd of crazies. The owner was a character himself. I was the assistant Dairy Manager (just me and the diary manager). Got me through college, so I can't complain. Thanks for the memories.

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              Many, if not most of the Foodtowns became Stop & Shop a couple of years ago....however, the one in Freehold borough on NJ 33 (Business) down the street from Old Monmouth Candies is still a "Foodtown". Perhaps Stop & Shop did not wish to acquire that location which is an old and rather small store with a significantly different 'footprint' than say, the Raintree location on NJ 537 by the hospital which did become a Stop & Shop.

              There may be other Foodtowns still around but that's the one I know of.

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                Wow, I remember the Fair Lawn Foodtown. They closed a very long time ago, around 1978, when I was a kid. The crazies must've all moved to the Grand Union, where I worked for many years (they closed in early 2001).

                I don't know how Foodtown stays in business, but I'm glad they're still around. I can't speak for any of the Central Jersey stores, but the store in North Haledon is fantastic. The store was renovated a few years ago, and looks really nice inside. Their deli is run by a trained chef and they have terrific, reasonably priced prepared foods. The manager's been there a very long time too and he's great.

                Oh, and they have a pretty nice cheese department too!