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Aug 1, 2014 05:13 AM

Anyone seen the watermelon truck guy in New Haven yet this summer?

Every summer, some guy parks around New Haven with a truck full of watermelons for sale. These are the real deal watermelons - giant seeded elongated ovals of awesomeness.

I've bought from him past years at the Walgreen's parking lot on Whalley Ave. and by the flea market on the Boulevard.

I have not seen him yet this year. Any sightings? Thanks.

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  1. I did see a guy in a truck selling watermelons at the corner of the Boulevard and RT 1. he may be "your" guy

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    1. re: mmalmad

      I never found him but I did get a great watermelon like I describe at Edge of the Woods. Thanks.

      1. Maybe try Dixwell near Henry Street? I saw him there a couple of weeks ago.