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Aug 1, 2014 01:12 AM

L.A. Dish of the Month, August 2014: COCKTAILS and Bar Food

The dish of the month for Los Angeles for August 2014 is COCKTAILS and BAR FOOD.

Here's a link to the voting thread for last month:

The goal is to collectively try as many different varieties, kinds and types of Cocktails and Bar Food as possible. Anything related is fair game. And, it goes without saying, that telling us of fabulous places to find either or both (and all of their various iterations) that you've tried in the past is great, and recounting vivid memories is also fun, but what we want are real-live, current progress reports of what and where you are finding and eating, and drinking, Cocktails and Bar Food.

So let's start exploring and eating—report back with reviews and photos.

Maybe it is just me, but I am also very interested in value. So give prices and portions.

And for this month only, late-night drunken posting is encouraged.

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  1. I am beyond excited for this. Getting drankz tonight for sure.

    1. FYI Deals (I know this isn't a "Happy Hour" thread, so I will add some non-special posts soon):

      The Misfit has happy hour EVERYDAY from noon til 7pm. Their $11 cocktails are all half off (so $5.50). Not just at the bar, but anywhere you're seated. Fantastic deal. Especially paired with the Bar Fly lunch.

      The Corner Door has happy hour everyday from 5pm - 7pm. Featured cocktails are $7 (including the Moscow Mule that comes in the fun little copper pot). And you can get a steak, fries, and small green salad for $15.

      Copa d'Oro has happy hour all day Monday, then 5:30pm - 8pm the rest of the week (closed Sundays). Lots of cocktails for $5 and $6.

      Fig Restaurant has "Fig @ 5", where you get 50% all menu items (INCLUDING DRINKS) if you order between 5pm - 6pm, Tuesday - Saturday. Really good value for the quality.

      1. This is the worst day of the month dish ever, Nosh, you don't want to do a re-count just to double check that we didn't get fruits of the summer or say even anchovies for this month….

        And also

        "And for this month only, late-night drunken posting is encouraged."

        Are you sure about that ?

        And are the mods OK with that ?????? That just spells trouble.

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          1. re: jessejames

            I think Kevin is "naturally carbonated". And Zeus bless him for it - gotta love the fizz he brings to this place!

            I'm debating doing a Grand Tour of the westside's finest dive bars for this round. I don't drink the hard stuff, but I can still belly up to the bar and review the nibblies. I'm in a low-brow state of mind...

            ...Too bad The Joker is no longer in business. It is one of my life regrets that I was too skeered to go in there (and I don't scare easily!).

            1. re: spoonlicker

              Finally maybe we can get a Liquid Kitty review on Chowhound! :D

              1. re: AAQjr

                I'll do one. Their hotdogs that they distribute free of charge to patrons and even people who wander by on the sidewalk during their quarterly punk rock BBQ, are incredibly delicious! I think they 're all beef and they have all the fixings including fresh chopped onions. Worth it to show up on a Sunday afternoon listen to free music, hang out on the sidewalk, and eat some free dogs! The drinks are killer.

                1. re: AAQjr

                  Definitely planning on hitting up Liquid Kitty this month. Haven't been in about 10 years.

                  1. re: phamschottler

                    Wow it's been there that long?? Why haven't I gone, hmmmm.....

                    1. re: phamschottler

                      The Darkest Bar I've been. You literally have to stand in the doorway to let your eyes adjust to even make your way. They make mean martini's. I tried the Banana Martini that is not on the menu....STRONG and sweet. The absinthe made my lips numb :) They normally have a taco truck parked outside during late hours. The management was very cool about letting customers bring in food to the bar.

                      Happy Hour:

                      Monday thru Friday


                      Sundays: All night!

                      Well drinks: $4.00

                      Low Life: $4.00

                      (well shot and Pabst Blue Ribbon)

                      1. re: issey

                        Love the black and white vintage strip tease they project on the wall by the DJ at times!

                        1. re: AAQjr

                          lassey and AAQjr -- are you talking about Liquid Kitty?

                          1. re: nosh

                            Yes, I was speaking about Liquid Kitty. To back what AAQjr said, they do have vintage semi nude projections. Sorry if I was not clear.

                            1. re: nosh

                              Yes, liquid kitty. Who ever does their Dj, has eclectic taste. It's fun to go when its a bit less crowded

                2. re: kevin

                  I'm nominating chewing gum next month!

                  1. re: kevin

                    Just think of how 'tana's and Shunji's bars qualify.....

                    1. re: Dirtywextraolives

                      buy french fries at the bar. viola, bar food.

                      1. re: Dirtywextraolives

                        This ones for you dirty

                        St Regis liquor store third street. St Regis is the patron saint of this sort of thing.

                                1. re: kevin

                                  I'm more of a vodka girl, but I have been known to swill a little bourbon now and then....

                            1. re: Dirtywextraolives

                              my drinking tasks:

                              a couple coronas from Cabo.

                              then two paradigms of the margarita genre from Gracias Madres, complete with orange peel-inflected salt (i wonder how the grub here is ???????)

                              then a few j and B sodas in the bucket glass (instead of the Lilliputian high-ball glass because after all those are mainly reserved for tourists or first-timers). and a shot of this:


                              there was food in there somewhere, but i can't quite remember. :


                              and that ain't no joke.

                              1. re: kevin

                                Oh that looks nicey nice..... A kosher one, huh? Interesting. You're still my hero of gluttony..... You're saving that stool at 'tana's and your homie is keeping it warm for me right?? I'll get there with ya soon....

                                  1. re: Dirtywextraolives

                                    You can always sit on my lap if there's no stools left. :)

                                1. re: Dirtywextraolives

                                  Actually, you can get 1/2 orders at the bar at Tanas.

                                  1. re: Thor123

                                    Damn. Thor. Why'd you have to mention that ???????

                                    Now I'll never get a seat there.


                                    1. re: kevin

                                      We're just gonna have to wait in the back alley by the kitchen at 4:30 with the other barflys.....

                                      1. re: kevin

                                        I think Kevin mentioned it several times as I have never done it.

                                2. Since phamschottler mentioned The Misfit, had lunch there today. Ahi Tuja Burger, rare, w/avocado and spicy mayo. It's food at a bar, so, bar food.


                                  Chased it down with a Kombucha Dog wild berry ginger kombucha. It's ~0.5-1% ABV, so you actually have to be 21+ to buy it. No, it is not my submission for the cocktail portion of this DotM, though I'd like to see if a shandy would qualify.

                                  Edit: Re-ordered some of the text above, and added some text, to clarify that the burger is my submission to the DotM, not the kombucha.

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                                  1. re: TheOffalo


                                    are we going to let the 1%er in as a cocktail or even a beer more correctly ????????

                                    Nice try buddy, nice try.

                                    but that ahi tuna burger looks great, hmmm, only fridays ?????

                                    1. re: kevin

                                      Yea, I'd say that's definitely pushing it.....

                                      1. re: Dirtywextraolives

                                        Never said the kombucha was my submission. It was the burger. Food at bar. Bar food.

                                        1. re: TheOffalo

                                          yeah, my bad.

                                          i just noticed that after re-reading the post.

                                          sorry about that, buddy.

                                    2. re: TheOffalo

                                      but my bad the burger is in, because it is bar food if you ate it at the bar.

                                      my bad, i thought it was just Cocktails this month,

                                      rather than what it really is, COCKATAILS AND BAR FOODS.

                                      1. re: TheOffalo

                                        how the hell is that ahi tuna prepared? like a giant tuna temaki patty?

                                        1. re: ns1

                                          According to the menu, sushi-grade ahi, carefully ground, and then seared rare.

                                          1. re: TheOffalo

                                            and it's very reasonably priced if my crappy memory serves me correctly ??????

                                            1. re: TheOffalo

                                              so how was it? I'm not sure how I feel about this.

                                              1. re: ns1

                                                it looks pretty exceptional to me. but at under 15 bucks ???? i'm not going to complain if it's not that great.

                                                1. re: ns1

                                                  It was very good! Nice avocado, spicy mayo's got a good kick. Great bun, almost as good as Belcampo's. A little on the small side. I could eat two of them as a meal. And as part of the Bar Fly Lunch menu on Fridays, it's only $5 so I really could eat two of them without breaking the bank (they're normally $15--dunno if the Bar Fly Lunch portion is smaller, having never ordered it outside of this promotion, but their $5 Jidori crispy chicken sandwich on Mondays are full size as far as I can tell).

                                                  Not sure how you feel about what, exactly? Ahi tuna burgers are not exactly unheard of:

                                                  1. re: TheOffalo

                                                    I've never seen an ahi burger that was prepared in a tradtional patty manner, vs just being a filet type piece that was grilled.

                                                    1. re: ns1

                                                      Gulfstream makes a ground Tuna burger too but it runs about 19 smackers.

                                                      1. re: ns1

                                                        Ah, I understand now...

                                                        I think Burger Lounge's is ground, but it's cooked through, or at least to medium/medium-well, if I recall correctly.