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Jul 31, 2014 09:47 PM

Saturday Aug 9th & Sunday Aug 10th

My daughter and I will be visiting Boston on dates above. I would appreciate any input for affordable places to eat on sat/sun. (I guess for me affordable would be $20-25/plate tops) oh, and unfortunately, we aren't too big on seafood (guess that's what happens sometimes when you live far from water! Ha)

I would like to eat Italian one night in north end. Would love nicer/quaint place but of course not too fancy to be affordable. Is Saturday too crowded? I heard lots of suburban kids frequent the area on sat. night. I also heard there is a religious festival that weekend that sounds interesting.

The other night I was thinking something relaxed like an Irish pub.

So excited to see Boston for the first time.
I'd welcome any suggestions! Thanks.

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  1. Welcome in advance, 97! Since this is your first visit, I hope the link below might be of some help. Others will give you great suggestions for Ital and pubs.
    Have a great visit!

    Guide to Boston by Areas and Restaurants:

    1. If you are looking in that price range and want to go to the North End, then Antico Forno might be the place for you to try one night (or even lunch). I love their special risotto and all of their "oven fired" dishes.

      The pizza is just okay.

      I would also recommend you go to Mike's for a cannoli after your meal.

      They do have religious fairs during the summer, just google it. I haven't been to one in years as it tends to get very crowded. They have street vendors with food and trinkets too.

      Even if there isn't a feast going on, it's a really neat place during the day with some interesting shops.

      Enjoy and welcome to our town. :)

      1. The North-end is a zoo on the weekends in the summer. If your heart is set on the NE, Antico Forno fits your budget. Also, for a good lunch Galleria Umberto for a good slice of pizza or some other small delights. Regina's for a whole pizza pie, it'll be jammed there. Also, there there lots of good Italian Bakery to choose from.

        1. that weekend will be the feast of madonna della cava.

          some of the streets will be closed to auto traffic and there will be about 100 millionty tourists down there. there will be a parade and food vendors set up outside, but the food is nothing you can't get at a local fair.

          for any summer weekend night most restaurants in the north end will be packed.

          how old is your daughter and where will you be staying?

          we have plenty of faux-irish pubs with terrible food, so maybe we can find you someplace decent within an easy walk of your hotel?

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            My daughter is 20. We are staying at Boston Common Hotel on Trinity in Backbay.

            Thanks for suggestions everyone!