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Jul 31, 2014 08:57 PM

Sunny palace

Hi! I'm looking to hold a Chinese banquet at sunny palace in east Brunswick -- I'm a little put off that they won't take reservations more than six months in advance, but does anyone know anything about their service/food for weddings??

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  1. I would suggest you first go there for a dinner.

    1. Try putting a half down payment talks...just sayin ;-)

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      1. re: Tapas52

        In today's world and economy I don't think I would suggest leaving that amount of money as a deposit at any restaurant. (not trying to jinx Sunny Palace)

        1. re: jrvedivici

          On the other hand you might get a hefty discount with a big deposit if you work it right.

      2. I held my wedding banquet there but it was 10 years ago. I had returned for a few other weddings with the most recent one about 3 years ago.

        Well, the banquet food is decent. It is comparable to what you get in Chinatown or Flushing in my opinion. It is definitely WAY better than Crown Palace in Marlboro; this i can say for sure.

        The service was excellent at my wedding. I have no complain but that was 10 years ago... I can't say i have seen any problem with their service in the other event i have attended there. I always felt the service at Sunny Palace's has always been good although i must say I am not someone that nitpicks on service usually.