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Jul 31, 2014 08:41 PM

Hong Kong - Congee & Noodles at Tasty, IFC Mall, Central

Few chains in HK (or anywhere else for that matter) can actually garner so much plaudits from foodies. Tasty in HK is one of those rare ones, and its popular branch at the lofty IFC mall in HK's Central district is perpetually packed with diners due to its central location.

What we had:
- Century egg with pickled ginger - not a good rendition here. For the best, go to Yung Kee on Wellington St.
- Pan-fried turnip cake with preserved meats - definitely the best version I'd tried in HK for a long time. The turnip cake has that elusive smooth, custardy texture which many dim sum houses tried to achieve, but few succeeded. Whether by sheer talent or fluke, this one we had here today was stupendous.
- Spicy pork on egg noodles - I don't quite take to this dish (it was ordered by a Singaporean dining companion - and I think she did it by mistake as she'd wanted a wanton noodle). The pork strips were bathed in a sweet-slightly spicy sauce reminiscent of the Singapore chilli crab sauce. But what's good for the crab is not quite suitable for the pork.
- Pork & pig's offal rice congee - a delight. Obviously, Tasty does their congee very, very well: smooth, pearly white and flavoursome. The pig's stomach, liver and intestines were nice, but the kidney wasn't properly prepared and the smell was overwhelming. Small glitch.
- Braised pomelo skin topped with preserved shrimp roe - my fave Cantonese dish in the whole wide world. Unfortunately, the version here was overly-salty and flavours were unbalanced - coming across as bitterish. The pomelo's texture was slightly firmer than it should be. For better renditions, I'd go to Fu Sing, Tim's Kitchen or, my fave for the moment, Pang's Kitchen.
- Steamed "har-gow" (shrimp dumplings) - good, but not outstanding.
- Fried rice with egg-white and conpoy - very well done, with perfect texture.
- Stewed beef and tendons on egg noodles - superb, the long-steweed beef was simply exquisite. I'd come back to Tasty just for this dish.

Tasty Congee & Noodles Wantun Shop
Shop 3016-3018 Podium Level 3, IFC Mall
1 Harbour View St, Central
Hong Kong

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  1. What time do they open?

    And is pomelo skin an acquired taste? Wondering if I should give it a shot....

    1. Tasty @ IFC Mall opens at 11am. I found that quite a number of traditional Cantonese places, even smaller ones which serves congee in the esrly morning, only starts offering wanton noodles around 11am - I surmise that they obtain their fresh noodle stock in the late mornings from wholesalers or producers who dominate the market.

      Cooked pomelo skin has a texture somewhat similar to eggplant, but the fermented shrimp bit may be an acquired taste for folks who haven't tried that before.

      1. Food could have been better, if not for the following reason!

        Ben 哥's team of chefs have left so food no good anymore but the queue is still there — at IFC 正斗粥粉面.
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        Kandy Wong Really,where did they go?
        July 20 at 1:29am · Like
        William Yung I believe they went to 左倫右李 亞倫的band 底
        July 20 at 6:43am · Like

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        1. re: Charles Yu

          Ah, pity - the old team was a pretty talented bunch.

        2. More often than not, the large queues here discouraged me and we end up at Lei Garden next door. I think Lei Garden's dim sum is better and more refine. Higher prices also of course.

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          1. re: M_Gomez

            Although Lei Gardens is usually booked out so you need to be lucky to get a table. I find the two restaurants in Exchange Square 1&2 are often easier to get into and a bit lower priced than Lei Garden - and the Dim Sum is good as well.

            I always think Tasty is OK for a cheap snack but hardly a destination.