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Jul 31, 2014 08:31 PM

Killer Bloody Mary Mix Recipe?

More interested in the mix than the entire recipe per se.

Pickle juice?
Clam juice?
Beef stock/glace?

What floats your Bloody boat?


PS I've already read everything previously posted here on the topic.

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  1. I used a combination of fresh and canned tomatoes to achieve a balance between brightness and intensity. I thought I would like aquavit, but it overpowered the drink.

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    1. re: EvergreenDan

      Dan, what aquavit? I've used several and never had them be overpowering. My fav is the one from North Shore distillery.

        1. re: EvergreenDan

          Yes, I can see why. Linie is an aged akavit and very strong tasting.

    2. I always add a few shakes of montreal steak seasoning to the Bloodys I make at home. I like the crunch it adds. That would be the only non-classic BM ingredient I use.

      1. Ahhh, a dreary, rainy morning at the Shore. What better time to devote some grey matter to the glory of a well-made Bloody Mary?

        First, there are the essentials: Horseradish, Worcestershire, celery seed, salt, and several turns of black pepper.

        Second, there are the two, core variables:

        Booze - gin is my favorite,* tequila my friend, and vodka will at least still the hands;

        Tomato juice - I'll normally go with whatever I can get in the little cans,** but V-8 works in in a pinch and I'll puree some heirlooms from the garden at the season's peak

        Third, there are the garnishy, add-ons:*** A dusting of togarashi or Old Bay; a dash of one hot sauce or another; torn herb leaves (basil, marjoram, cilantro, etc.); cocktail onions; pickled jalepeno; celery stalk (must have leaves attached); wedge of lime; an oyster; a shrimp . . . .

        Finally, and this is quite important, I'll add that a Bloody Mary should never be thick and cloudy. None of this "one jigger" and fill the pint glass with mix. I'm looking to see a bit of blush. Let's go fifty-fifty spirit to juice. This elixir is meant to let the consumer become opaque, it shouldn't start out that way itself.

        * Yeah, yeah, yeah, changing the spirit changes the name. Whatever. I can live with the mandatory, half-point deduction from the Romanian judge and the scorn of the pedants.

        **Given that the Bloody Mary is the only clinically-approved use of tomato juice, I find that, since I never manage to finish a whole can before the clock on the wall suggests it's time to switch to beer, the unused portion dies a sad death in the back of the fridge.

        ***Subject to whim and availability.

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        1. re: MGZ

          MGZ, I want to spend a beautiful late summer morning outside with you sipping Bloody Mary's. You and I agree on this a lot. Except I like lemon better, and no oysters...

          1. re: JMF

            Great minds, my friend. Great minds . . . .

        2. When I'm lazy I like Demitri's Bloody Mary seasoning. The Classic or Extra Horseradish blends are my favs. Just two oz. added to a quart of tomato juice, and you are good to go.

          1. All of the above. Depends on the day. Variety is the spice of life! Oh wait, maybe that's Tabasco...

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              1st time poster, pushing their mediocre book.