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Jul 31, 2014 06:55 PM

Allentown area--the Farmhouse closed, what now?!

My wife and I absolutely adored that restaurant and would make special trips from NYC to eat there. We're so sad it's gone--does anyone have any suggestions in the area that are good? We've been to and liked Bolete. Looking for well executed and interesting food. Thanks!

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  1. Interestingly based on our last two visits we have removed Bolete from our "worth a drive" list. Our drive is only a bit more than an hour and only done when there is some other reason to be in the area. Currently we will stop at Melt in the Saucon Valley Shops, it has very good food and a fantastic wine list. The interior of Melt is beyond all expectations for a shopping area restaurant as is the service and food which is moderately priced. But worth of a drive from NYC, well it would not be for us. Just curious are there reasons you traveled to the Farmhouse from NYC, perhaps other reasons to be in the area? Perhaps you or your wife are from the Lehigh Valley area?

    1. I would recommend trying Ocean in Easton, or the Apollo Grill in Bethlehem.

      1. I highly recommend Savory Grille - every time I eat there I am amazed by something. Their entrees are a decent size too. Not huge, but definitely plenty to fill you up.