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Jul 31, 2014 06:16 PM

Taqueria La Picardia in Port Chester

Recently had two absolutely excellent taco meals at this place, just kitty-corner to the Capital Theater (118 Westchester Avenue). Anyone else try it? I've only had tacos, so can't speak to anything else on the menu, but my next visit will be for pozole (just a hunch). The "taco Arabe" was a wonderfully flavored pork taco, and perhaps most notably, their vegetarian taco is completely worth getting even if you are not a vegetarian taco. It's a wonderful mix of sauteed veggies that really work. I'm not saying it will evoke memories of Mexico, but it's very good. Ample size tacos too. Also a friendly, gregarious owner, which is also really nice. And it turns out the Grateful Dead paraphernalia isn't Dia de los Muertos stuff -- he's just an old deadhead.

I liked these better than Los Gemelos, though those are certainly quite nice.

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