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Jul 31, 2014 05:31 PM

La Foresta, Killingworth, CT

This place has been a few things since I've lived in the area, including a Christmas shop and a toy store. The renovation looks nice, and they have kept the original wood and country feel. The restaurant is mostly Northern Italian food.
There is a nice bar area and my friend and I sat there for dinner. They have a small amount of wines by the glass, larger selection of bottles.
Had bread (not warm or seemingly made in house) with olive oil and some kind of vegetable/salsa thing (chopped green pepper, olives, vinegar. Meh.)
Started with a salumi and formaggi plate. Generous portions, 3 different cheeses and 3 different meats. Would be nice for either the menu or server to tell you what each is.
Split a Tagliatelle Bolognese, sauce was good. I had asked the server if the pasta was house made, and he assured us everything was made in house. After eating this realized he clearly didn't understand the question. There are plenty of good places around to buy fresh pasta, would be a nice addition to their menu, especially with so much pasta on it.
Desserts were listed to us as standard Italian (tiramisu, cannoli, etc.) We did not have any, nor did we see any.
This place has great potential, being in such a culinary wasteland like it is. Hopefully they will evolve into something great, it would be nice to have a good restaurant closer than 30 minutes away. At 8:00 on a Thursday night it was packed, with people parking across the street so we are obviously not the only people looking for such a thing.

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    1. Went there this past Sunday night, place was packed. Sat at bar (which we usually do) 1 bartender, service slow and not informative, waited 1 hour and 20 minutes for entree while others that sat down after us were served their meals. Not once did anyone come over and apologize or update us. Had the veal cutlets, which were very disappointing. Not tender at all, I can do better at home. Tagliatelle Bolognese was a joke, not very meaty had all small pieces. Not worth the price for both. They can do better for this type of venue, new or not, need to work out those bugs...Remember LaForesta, it will be the local residents that will carry you throughout the winter! May try your lunch and give you another chance.