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Jul 31, 2014 05:05 PM

Estia Taverna

Just returned from their soft opening and I gotta tell ya, for a soft opening they sure seem to have everything under control.
From the welcoming managers Steve and Neil, including Matthew, a charmer from their center city sister, to our wait person, Jessica, who was such an uplifting, warm and efficient person who aims to please, it's got a lot going for it. The place itself is a warm, wood toned, down-to-earth but bright tavern in Radnor. There is a lot of banquette seating and a bar that greets you upon arrival.
We shared a pita bread appetizer with 3 different dips (the red pepper was to die for).
My mate raved over his halibut with potatoes, carrots and peppers in a delicious tomato sauce while I chose my usual favorite from center city's louvraki, which is a grilled sea bass, that was deadly good -- even better then the city one.
We shared a spinach/rice side and both thought that the portions were certainly acceptable even though they claim them to be less than their city sister.
This place should be very successful once it opens on Saturday.
Noise level at 6 pm was very acceptable and no distracting background music competing with our conversation.
A winner!

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  1. Thanks for this preview! We started frequenting the CC location for two reasons; the location relative to performance venues and we enjoy Greek specialities. After a few pre-theater visits we had a third reason which was we enjoyed the venue, service and the food. We will most certainly visit the Radnor location and appreciate your comments contrasting it to the original.

    1. I'm dining there Sunday evening. Will let you know how the food, service and noise level is in the evening. It's been a few years, but really enjoyed my dinner at Estia in Philly.

      1. As promised, here is my review of Estia Tavern in Radnor. First, the space is terrific. Lots of natural light, bamboo ceilings and tables that are not heaped one on the other. It made for gracious dining.
        Adding to that warm and inviting feel was the service. Our waitress Loretta was a delight. She was able to answer all of our questions, gave us direction when asked and her suggestions were all on point. When you have such spot-on service, it makes everything better. If you have an opportunity to go to Estia Tavern in Radnor, ask for her. You won’t be disappointed.
        Onto the meal. After enjoying the bread and hummus, the five of us ordered a handful of apps, all served family style. Among them were the mussels, octopus, cheese Sagenaki and the shrimp Sagenaki. All of them were delicious but the cheese and octopus were my favorites. The cheese has this salty, buttery goodness and the octopus was tender, with just the right amount of char.
        For dinner three of us couldn’t resist ordering one of the specials—their version of surf and turf. It was part of a grilled lobster that had first been poached. The tail was split in two for easy eating and the claw meat was removed from the shell. I can’t remember when I’ve had lobster prepared so well. Moist and sweet—it was nothing like the rubbery flavorless lobster I’ve been served lately at other fine-dining establishments. Just perfection! The turf part was equally perfect. It came with two grilled lamb chops. Loretta could see our eyes light up when we ordered and told us if we wanted, we could upgrade to three lamb chops. We were in a celebratory mood and went for it. It was a lot of food (came with fried potatos—french fries but better) but not a shred of meat was left on the bone. We gave ourselves permission to “delicately” gnaw.
        The outliers among us went for all lamb chops (he also got an extra one, bringing his allotment to four) and the regular Sunday special, Beef Stifendio (sp?). It was braised short ribs served with carrot mashed potatoes. The portion was huge and she graciously let us take a taste. Yum!
        Accompanying our meal was a white wine whose name escapes me. Loretta recommended it—a blend of two different grapes that, while dry, was also full-bodied and complemented the food perfectly. If it helps, the word “Atlantis” was on the bottle.
        Then it was off to dessert. Two of us got EkMek, a custard that was flavored with cinnamon and honey and had some pistachios in it. It was served atop a small bed of shredded phyllo. Two others got the blueberry sorbet and our other dining companion went for the lemon sorbet. I sampled the blueberry and though not a fan of blueberries in general, would go with that next time. It was a bit lighter than the EkMek and quite good.
        CHers: Estia Tavern exceeded all of my expectations and having been to the one in CC, I went in anticipating a good meal. This was outstanding.