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Jul 31, 2014 03:58 PM

Tex mex Cookware /Austin

Hi Chows!
I'm a food tourist from sweden and i'm visiting Austin in August.

I'm looking for tex mex Cookware. Molcajete, Tortilla press, and taco holder.

Any one in here that know a good place for such products?

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  1. The restaurant supply store on North Lamar has all that at a much more reasonable price than "retail".

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    1. re: amysuehere

      amysue, is that wholesale/retailers only?

      if so, i would imagine fiesta mart would have some options, plus it'd be a fun food shopping experience for the OP.

      ropust, please let us know if you'd like any other food recommendations, mexican or otherwise.

      1. re: dinaofdoom

        Thank you! Oh please. I need some advice of good tex mex restaurants. I was in Austin last year exploring BBQ, this year the focus is tex mex.

        Last year i had the best tex mex of my life, i small truck at East ceazar chaves. Magic!

        Fiesta Mart! I will go there

        1. re: dinaofdoom

          The restaurant supply is open to the public.

        2. re: amysuehere

          Oh! Thank you. Do you have any name on it? Is it okey to shop there for private use?

              1. re: dinaofdoom

                dinaofdoom - I have purchased items at the store before, so I don't think that it just for wholesale. I didn't realized that they moved, however. I guess that it has been a while! They are nice people...........

              2. re: Ropust

                Ropust - how many days will you be in Austin? That might influence the recommendations. If you want to explore the tex mex subgenre verses eat at the better places. I only ask because you mentioned food tourist.

                1. re: rudeboy

                  I will be in Austin for 6 days, and then of to NOLA

            1. Thanks for answering for me guys. I'm not as "here" as I used to be.

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              1. re: amysuehere

                That's because you are "there." It's called the moon. It's in the sky. amysuethere.

              2. There is also the fun exciting Flee market experience out on Pleasant Valley Road. I got my Tamale pot and a phone case there! And some amazing food truck food

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                1. re: girloftheworld

                  Oh, i love flee markets. I will go there

                  1. re: girloftheworld

                    I did not find any Street with that name in Austin, where is it?

                  2. Anyone have any recomendation for a good tex mex place?

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                    1. re: Ropust

                      well, are you looking for just tex-mex, or also mexican? there's a lot of both here, and people are rather opinionated about their faves ;-)

                      will you have a car? if so, san antonio is not too far, and is home to a unique dish i had never heard of until moving here. austin does not have any good versions, that i know of: puffy tacos.

                      here is an article on how to make them, so you know what you're traveling for:

                      1. re: dinaofdoom

                        I will stay for 4 days, yes i will have a care. I will travel South to Lockhart and Luling for The BBQ. So maybe i go to San Antonio aswell. For The puffy ones =)