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Jul 31, 2014 02:14 PM

Trader Joes for diabetics?

My husband was just diagnosed with diabetes... Trader Joes has just recently opened in our part of Florida and we've yet to go. Is there anything there worth making the (hour-long each way) trip for when we're low-carbing it? I know they have lots of frozen stuff, is any of it low-carb/diabetic-friendly? We're eating lots of vegetables, lunchmeat/meat, eggs, cheese, nuts and seeds, and not much processed... He says I should eat what I want, but I'm doing the same as him just with a bit of bread added for carbs. No point going if all I can do is look at the shelves and drool.

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  1. We eat "less carb" in our house, not "low carb". We still eat bread, rice, etc but in small quantities. I do a lot of our shopping at TJs because of the quality and prices.

    They have a great selection of nuts and trail mix. We love their Spicy Egg White Salad (try it on half a toasted Sandwich Thin). Their Smooth & Creamy hummus is great -- we always have a container in our fridge. They sell a great low-carb tortilla too that we keep on hand for fajitas and wraps. (note: I'm in SoCal so I don't know if the tortillas are regional or not). The frozen Eggplant Cutlets are great -- I like them with some marinara and fresh mozzerella melted on top. Their frozen indian entrees are great and very authentic -- we always have a few in our freezer. The new Lamb Koftas are DH's new favorite.

    1. You can eat anything when you are diabetic, just less of some things.

      Learn to read labels and enjoy your Trader Joe's. Plenty of choices in every aisle with high quality and low prices.

      [I know my blood sugar is controlled with 20 grams or less of carbs per meal; lots of testing when first diagnosed. Your husband should be hovering around a threshold. Stick to it, add fiber to each meal to feel full and you'll be enjoying this new way of eating and shopping.]

      1. whether it's worth making the drive is a function of what other options you have closer.
        they have a good, well-priced cheese section.
        they do carry nuts and seeds, but can't imagine that you don't have those available at any nearby grocery store. same story with lunch meat and eggs. every convenience store sells lunch meat and eggs, yes?

        what do you have available to you closer?
        if the answer is "not much" that is one thing. . . .

        1. Don't underestimate the frozen fruits and vegetables at TJ's. Not the prepared ones, but the plain ones. Mango chunks, blueberries, very cherry blend, strawberries, haricots verts, broccoli, corn, tri-color bell peppers, artichoke hearts, etc. They also have a very good selection of dried fruits and nuts. Cheese and dairy, pasta sauces with no sugar added, excellent quality olive oils, vinegars, etc. They will also have some seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables that will appeal.

          You can explore here:

          and also look at the Frequent Flyer under Product News to see what they are featuring now.

          1. IMO, TJ's low carb tortillas are far superior than any brand I can buy at Publix (which is the only grocery store near me in FL). I'm not a low carb person, but I happen to really like the TJ's low carb tortillas, so when I drive to TJ's (also an hour from me in FL), I buy all they have on the shelf and keep them in my freezer. The other item that I buy in large quantity at TJ's is cheese, because of the huge selection and the great prices compared to Publix. Hard cheeses will keep for months in your fridge.