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Jul 31, 2014 01:32 PM

Manhattan Steakhouse that isn't loud?

I'm looking to take my boyfriend out for his birthday in a few weeks and he's requested a steakhouse- the only caveat being that we'd like to be able to reasonably converse during the meal (meaning no obnoxious music or drunk happy hour people/tourists). I've been considering Strip House in the Village or Quality Meats, but to be honest, I don't know much about either (I love a good steak, but my only experiences with steakhouses have been in Texas). So, what's the best quality place to go for a great steak that fits the above profile?

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  1. American Cut is fairly spacious for a steakhouse and didn't seem that loud to me.

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    1. re: kathryn

      I had some terrible pastrami steak at American Cut. I won't go back.
      I go to Wolfgangs usually for steak, its not quiet but you can converse. Quality meats isn't too loud. Uncle Jack's also isn't very loud. Keen's is quiet sometimes . Costata ( i haven't been yet) but doesn't appear to be a loud place. Or as Trockwood says, the time of your meal makes all the difference as far as noise level goes.

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        At AC, my pastrami steak was too salty but my husband's steak was very good.

        Which Wolfgang's do you go to? The TriBeCa one seems manageable in terms of noise but I think the others are louder.

        1. re: kathryn

          Midtown Wolfgang's drums to a go din.

          Not what I would describe as quiet.

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            My pastrami steak was pretty much raw ( too dark to see the color in there). I like the Tribeca branch. The noise level is not bad. I went to the 56th Street location and the steak wasn't as good, neither was the atmosphere. The noise level was not bad. Park Ave. is loud.

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            And Keens has several rooms so I think a quiet space can be had upon request.

          3. re: kathryn

            I liked the Pastrami Steak (and other food) quite a lot at American Cut, but we had a 845(?) Saturday reservation and quiet is NOT a word i would use to describe the experience. I did not mind, though im not terribly sensitive to loud restaurants i do notice and think theres a time and place for a variety of settings, but i would categorically exclude it if you are seeking quiet. perhaps at other times and on other days it may be different.

          4. I can't offhand think of any high end NY steakhouse that plays obnoxious music. Unfortunately, though, any one of them on any given night may well have a large table of celebrants, whether tourists or Wall Street banker boys. Never been to Quality Meats. Been to Strip House twice, was seated next to a potentially rowdy bunch, asked to be moved, and they graciously complied. Have been to Keen's innumerable times and encountered such groups twice. Usually, the back of the room or upstairs is quieter, but upstairs isn't as much fun.

            1. Haven't been for the wine dinner, but have heard they serve unlimited decent wine and in the long run it is a really great deal if you drink wine.



              1. Keep in mind that there is also a big difference in volume depending on what time you eat- regardless of the restaurant. A 7pm dinner (or earlier) will be much more quiet than later in the evening.

                1. Corner table upstairs at Costata.

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                    Totally agree about Costata-get the Tomahawk steak!!!!