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Your best tomato recipes please - worthy of the tastiest specimens!

Gorgeous tomatoes - recipes, please, that you personally recommend for lovely, flavorful tomatoes. In the last few days I have made a caprese salad and a savory tomato pie (link here, scroll down to the end) http://www.npr.org/2011/08/19/1396765....

Thank you!

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  1. This. I can not wait until more tomatoes come in so I can make it!


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      Bruschetta. I don't have a recipe but could (and have) eaten it by the spoonful.

      Chopped tomatoes, little garlic, lots of basil, little olive oil, salt and pepper. Place on baguette (rather toasted or fresh). Top with goat cheese crumbles and reduced balsamic vinegar.

      Can also spread the log gouache cheese on bread first and then too with the balsamic vinegar.

      My 14-yr doesn't even like tomatoes and I had to make it three days in a row for her.

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        I'll slice bread to toast, then put on a slice of tomato, basil and cheese to melt under the broiler and it goes quick. It was described as a rarebit when I found the recipe but I don't know for sure.

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        Hmmm. The butter in that sounds like a really nice addition to the typical fresh tomato basil pasta. My tomatoes are slowly ripening, and this will be on our table soon. Gotta love Ruhlman. Thanks!

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          gourmanda, I made this recipe last night after I read this post. This will be something that my DH and I will look forward to every tomato season from now on. It is a bit of a splurge diet-wise, but well worth it. This recipe truly makes a juicy summer tomato the star of the meal. Thanks for sharing!

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            So glad you enjoyed it! It's not an every night thing, you're right. But a couple of times a summer...ahhhh.

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              I also made this last night using yellow grape tomatoes and basil from the garden. It was delicious and a beautiful way to showcase the sweetness of the tomatoes. I probably used a little less garlic and butter, but it was still pretty indulgent. My tomatoes weren't very acidic so I added a splash of balsamic, which was perfect. I'll definitely make it again with the larger tomatoes that are almost ripe. Definitely a worthwhile indulgence. My husband really enjoyed it, too. Thanks, gourmanda!

        2. Looks great! Thanks. Do you think it is okay with non Roma type tomatoes or more of a Roma recipe? Better with fresh or dried pasta? I love how it uses so much garlic!

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            I have only used it with regular type, heirloom tomatoes as that is what we grow. I don't know that Roma would throw off enough water into which you mount the butter. As to pasta--dried, it's what's always on hand :)

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              I;ve done it with both romas and larger vine tomatoes and I usually try and drain them a little bit to cut down on moisture.

              I also do a goat cheese and heavy cream riff on that that I like far better as a main.

              Ruhlsman's to me is summer but then you need some crunchy bread and some vinegar/tart sides to balance it out. Same with the riff I do.

              No cheese? Whhhaaaaaatttt!

              It's a Hot pasta side salad dish to me if you like that.

              My 2 pennies. :)

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                Are you kidding?! Goat cheese? Sacrilege! I so look forward to that dish, just as it is, all through winter. With such tasty black heirlooms it is Divine. (You know, not to yuck your yum and all that.)

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                  I'll tell ya what gourmanda, I'll make it this weekend with fresh garden tomatoes and fresh garden basil and post a pic in WFD thread.

                  And yes, added in goat cheese and cream MAKE this dish a big time winnah. Butter? Why Ruhlman? Why? Thus why if lost me the first time.

                  And oh, still. WTF is the parm or romano? Huh?

                  Look for it in WFD soon.


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                    I look forward to your post! And the butter, FYI, thickens the tomato "water" to make a lovely, velvety sauce. Without the need for cheese or cream---so, pfft ;) Happy weekend!

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                      Whelp, I only had to do a half day today and worked from home.

                      Around 11:30am I wnet out to the garden to pick tomatoes and basil for lunch and went, Wait! It's gourmanda time for lunch!

                      And pics below to prove it happened. :-P

                      Tasty and easy for a quick meal. I want to play around with teh pasta choices, including whole grain and spinach types as well, but it still had me craving something crunchy or acidic as a balancing side dish like garlic bread or a vinegar slaw or basalmic cucumber salad. But that's just me.

                      Now gotta run to the bank to do some banking and give them some free basil for the weekend. Free basil for everyone!!!! LOLOLZ.

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                        Those are absolutely gorgeous pics, jjjr! Thanks for posting and reporting. Makes me want to slurp the screen ;)

                        As to the basil--it does get quickly out of hand, doesn't it? It's the zucchini of the herb world :)

                        Enjoy the weekend (and the bonus half day)!!!!

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                Made pasketti a la Ruhlman last night and have to report that it was every bit as delicious as I remember :)

                1. re: gourmanda

                  Stop. Now I'm gettin' a hankerin' for it again. LOLZ.

                  I kinda hit the wall with pasta yesterday for a few days, but maybe Sunday.

              3. Slices of vine ripe tomatoes.
                Two slices of bread.
                Mayonnaise. Preferably Duke's.
                Salt & Pepper.

                Liberally apply mayonnaise to both sides of the bread.
                Place tomato slices on bread to cover. Salt & Pepper to taste.

                If you did it right, you'll have tomato juice/mayonnaise dripping off your elbows. :)

                The addition of lettuce and bacon is nice. As is a fried egg.

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                      You mean a 'Delany'?
                      A favorite of mine:
                      A few perfectly ripe tomatoes rough chopped in a food processor>fine sieved to remove the seeds and skins>into saute pan to reduce slowly>1 T ghee>season> poured over a plain omelette sitting on a small bed of seasoned hot basmati rice.

                    2. re: Uncle Bob

                      Oh, yes. If the tomatoes are really good, skip the bacon and lettuce. This, like cucumber, is a white bread sandwich. Mmmmm,m

                    3. Raw tomato sauce. Dice up the ripest, juiciest, tastiest tomatoes you have. Salt to taste, keeping in mind salt is key here to release the juice. Add smashed garlic cloves and crushed red pepper flakes to taste. Cover and allow to sit at room temperature for about an hour. Taste and adjust salt. Fish out garlic cloves. If you want a stronger garlic taste, mince the garlic and add it back in. Stir in olive oil, again to taste. Now, tear lots and lots of fresh basil and stir in. Add diced fresh mozzarella. Stir in pasta of choice or a can of drained and rinsed cannellini beans. So delicious!

                      1. Slice (overripe) grape tomatoes in half (stem to end). Toss with alot of olive oil, garlic, and a pinch of kosher salt & ground black pepper. Add some Italian seasoning if you want, chopped parsley is good too (save basil for garnish). Turn onto a sheet pan lined with foil, cut side up and roast at 350-360 degrees til they get nice and soft (no slow roasting for me, I want 'em done quick!). Toss with hot cooked pasta, julienned basil and Parmesan. Add sun-dried tomatoes if you want an extra tomatoey flavor.

                        1. This is great with garden tomatoes, and an easy way to spruce up grape or cherry tomatoes: Olive oil, saute tomatoes (sliced or whole, depending), add lots (lots) of dried tarragon, even if you don't like tarragon (fresh is probably delicious, too), S&P, saute till smaller tomatoes burst or larger pieces release some juice, to make a sauce with the olive oil. Consume.

                          1. Another thread about shrimp linked to a fresh tomato feta greek baked shrimp dish just published this week in the nytimes
                            The greek tomato salad from the same article would be perfect with for the best tomatoes too

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                              I had seen the shrimp dish but not the salad, thanks.

                            2. Heirloom tomatoes, watermelon, good feta (not the pre crumbled) and fresh mint. Best salad of the season. Suggest cutting the watermelon in chunks. No oil or vinegar needed.
                              This is a great salad which stands alone on a great combination of flavors. When buying heirloom tomatoes, look for a few yellow ones. Adds lovely color to that salad.

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                                Hello Maudies, How much fresh mint? Whole or sliced tomatoes? Watermelon to tomatoes ratio please. Thanks

                                1. Kimball's tomato pie reminded me of one I haven't made in a while. I got this years ago from Better Homes and Gardens. The only change I make is to use pesto instead of the basil and garlic, since the flavors are the same and I usually have some frozen pesto during the summer. It is delicious, but rich. Like Kimball's, it uses mayo but it is undetectable in the final dish.


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                                    Here's another that everyone in my family loves, Ina's Tomato Goat Cheese Tarts. I use Boursin instead of herbed goat cheese since I'm the only goat-lover in the family. I also just cut the puff pastry into squares so the cut areas don't go to waste. It's really delicious.


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                                      That sounds good. It also reminded me of Ina's Provencal Tomatoes which I must make soon. http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/in...

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                                        Ooh, those sound wonderful and I have all the ingredients including a beautiful aged gruyere, except my tomatoes aren't quite ripe. I'll pick some up at the local farm stand and make this very soon.

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                                          You will love them. I think the size of the tomato is important and most of my tomatoes are too big. They aren't great reheated so try to make only what you will use for one meal, although it would be easy for me to eat 3 or even 4 halves depending on what else I have cooked.

                                  2. Slice in two, drizzle with olive oil, top with parmesan and your favorites herbs like oregano, and broil. We use the toaster oven.

                                    1. When faced with potential avalanche of summer veggies (VERY generous neighbor), I do a casserole that cooks on grill beside whatever meat/fish you're doing. Totally open to whatever veggies you have or like. Thin sliced tomatoes, onions, zukes or yellow squash, mushrooms (if you have or like)... pretty much anything you like raw is good.

                                      I just layer veggies, seasoned croutons (box-o stuffing mix works), and cheese. Drizzle the whole thing with a little/lot of melted butter and just let it go on grill. It only needs to cook till bubbling, no specific amount of time, depending on how COOKED you want your veggies. Nothing in it that can't be eaten raw. I consider it one of those recipes that's "even better the next day".

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                                        That sounds like an excellent way to use up excess zucchini!

                                      2. New Jersey tomatoes, Big Boy, Better Boy, Rutgers,.....who knew? They were all great, especially when they came from a local garden and you got to enjoy them, freshly picked and still sun-warmed, with a shaker of salt, and eating them right out of your hand like an apple. I haven't done that in too many years. Living in Florida and Georgia makes that much more problematic.

                                        1. Ina's roasted tomatoes are also wonderful with bread and mozzarella. And freeze some of the tomatoes, I have made this same recipe with summer frozen tomatoes and it is so good in the winter months!


                                          1. Panzanella using feta and lightly toasted homemade Italian bread that has been rubbed with a clove of garlic. No pepper.

                                            1. I make a similar pie with the additions of corn and a biscuit based crust. I tend to keep it pretty simple, though - open faced sandwiches with butter, thin sliced sweet onions, a sprinkle of vinegar, sliced tomatoes and S&P, or BLT's.

                                              1. My favorite is Hot And Spicy Hyderabadi Tomato Chutney ("Tamater Ki")

                                                Here is a recipe from Madhur Jaffrey's "World of the East Vegetarian Cooking"


                                                1. Tomato-Blackberry Vinaigrette

                                                  I just make this without measuring, but here it is approximately.

                                                  1 c chopped tomatoes
                                                  couple of tbs balsamic vinegar
                                                  couple of tbs of olive oil
                                                  cracked black pepper
                                                  couple of tbs of blackberry jelly - maybe more like 4 tbs

                                                  whirl in blender

                                                  I love it over blanched green beans.

                                                  1. I was going through my computer recipe folders and pics and forgot since I have not done one yet this year, of the lavash flatbread white pizzas.

                                                    I usually do standard pizza crust in the oven on a stone, but when hot in the summer, I use the toaster oven and break out the flatbread.

                                                    Olive oil and crauhsed garlic baste for crust, then fresh torn basil, black pepper, provalone and mozz cheese mix, crumbled feta and sliced tomatoes. Grated parm and chili flakes when serving for me.

                                                    Simple and healty break from red sauce pizza with a thin and crispy crust and perfect for weekend lunch.

                                                    And it keeps the garden tomatoes and basil at bay. :-)

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                                                      Thank you for this. Now I know what dinner will be tomorrow :) It looks rustic and beautiful and ooey-gooey good! Yay for fresh tomatoes! 'Mater sandwiches and corn on the cob tonight.

                                                      Oh, and I have an abundance of basil too--made some basil salt which is, eh; infused vinegar with another bunch which should make for some good salad dressing.