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Jul 31, 2014 12:41 PM

Restaurants NOT participating in RW

I'm going to be in town from DC for a meeting. Just found out it's restaurant week that week. Ugh.

Can anyone recommend some restaurants within walking distance of the Omni Parker House that do not usually participate in RW and are likely to be able to accommodate a group of 8-10 on a Wednesday night during restaurant week?

We do have a reservation at Marliave for Thursday night. Their RW menu doesn't seem too restrictive.

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  1. Here's a pretty great list from last year I'd guess a lot of the same places are also not participating this year. If they've come out with this year's list, I haven't seen it yet.

    1. Admittedly I have not participated in this event for years, but I thought that even if the restaurant is participating, you are usually able to order off the regular menu as other words are not restricted to the RW menu? I may well be wrong.

      Here is a list of restaurants that are participating along with menus for many of them.

      1. Even if a restaurant allows you to order from their regular menu, they can be swarmed with people and service and food prep goes down in terms of quality. I usually try one or two places during RW but this year looks very poor in terms of menus. Even my usual favorite TW food seemed to serve cheaper menu items than they have in the past.

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          all true. I did not look at every participating restaurant, but did notice that Scampo is participating only for lunch; dinner as usual.

        2. Does it have to be walking distance from the Parker House (and what do you consider walking distance)? Downtown-downtown doesn't give you a huge selection even when RW isn't on.

          I would urge you to consider going a bit farther afield. If you are willing to take the T or cab (not expensive cab rides), you'll find a lot of great and CH-beloved restaurants that aren't participating, including Oleana, Hungry Mother, and Alden & Harlow in Cambridge; Hammersley's and Myers & Chang in the South End; Island Creek Oyster Bar in Kenmore; and heaps more. All of these are quite popular so you'd want to get reservations ASAP, but I reckon the better experience would be worth the effort.

          1. Try Bogies, its small so you'll need to see if you can book it out. Pretty sure they're not doing the RW crap. Also, it's right around the corner from you.