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Jul 31, 2014 11:37 AM

Need recs for good restos for conference in October

I'm hoping to get some recommendations for a couple different kinds of restaurants for an upcoming conference in October. I'll be traveling with my coworkers & bosses, so I'm hoping to find the following:
1) A nice but not too pricey meal for a Wed/Thurs or Sat. night for a large group, aka 10-12 or so. Cuisines could include pretty much anything, but probably along the Italian, Spanish (tapas), Asian (sushi/Japanese or Chinese or other/pan-Asian), Mediterranean or Mexican...
2) Some recs for slightly smaller groups (perhaps 6-8) for the other nights (Wed/Thurs/Fri)...

I've done some exploring on this board and TripAdvisor, but I'm seeing a lot of pricey options (mains for $35-50 are a bit much for a work trip, although we usually will do one nice place, so some of these suggestions would be good); so I'm looking for places that are a little more reasonable. Good wine/beer/cocktails and/or bar options would also be appreciated. We probably won't want to travel too far, so city-center (ish) would be great. Mainly hoping to find good food and service/atmosphere, doesn't have to be super-fancy...

Thanks in advance!

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  1. My company had a regional meeting with around 15 people and we had a great time at Alma de Cuba. They served several dishes "family style" so everyone got to try different things and it's normally not too pricey so I would guess if you told them what your budget was they could work something out. We had several different app's, entrees, and desserts. I didn't work for a "deep pocket" company so I know it should be within reach, costwise. We sat upstairs at a long table and had great service. Cocktails are tasty, too.

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      Thanks! Looks like a great option!

    2. Where is your "base of operations"?

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        Right near the convention center; Market/Arch/12th...does that help?

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          I would recommend checking out Vietnam Palace. They are right in Chinatown near the convention center and are really one of my favorite "go to" places in the city. You could probably easily sit a party of 10-12 in their main dining room with advance reservations, especially mid-week. They have a full bar and I've had groups of 8-10 there without problem before and everyone was extremely happy, especially with their being good options for everyone whatever their dietary restrictions.

      2. Bistrot La Minette is about a mile from the Convention Center and has a small side room that holds up to 18 people - sometimes there are several small groups in there - that would work for your larger group. Very nice French bistro food.

        1. Look into the very popular Yangming in Bryn Mawr. It's got your name on it!

          1. Tequila's also has a private room. The food is good - it won't change your life, but solid better Mexican fare. Probably a 10 minute walk from your base. I would also look into Sampan on 13th st, very close to your hotel (all the restos on this stretch are great, but on the smaller side). This one has a nice sized interior, dark and chic. It's pan-Asian, mostly small plates. The food is a bit on the salty side, but still might be a good option with a larger group. You can also check out Parc. I found it a bit noisy, but it has a great view of Rittenhouse Square park and most out-of-towners (and lots of locals) love it. French bistro - you can also walk here in about 10-12 minutes.