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Jul 31, 2014 11:01 AM

cooking whole wheat pasta??

I seriously thought I posted this yesterday... can't seem to find it??

Was gifted a TWO pound package of whole wheat spaghetti. Giftee wanted to try it but didn't care for it much... WHY buy 2 POUNDS??

Package has typical cooking instructions... LOTS of boiling/SALTED water, cook 9-11 minutes till al dente. At end of 9 minutes was still WAY al dente... bordering on stiff? At about 15 minutes, still nice and al dente.

How long to you boil WW pasta... any size or shape?

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  1. I don't boil ANY pasta. I've long since learned to save myself a steamy kitchen and wasted BTU's by bringing 3 qts of water to a boil, then putting the pasta in, covering, and turning off the heat. Add 5 min or more to the cooking time on the label, depending on how firm or soft you want it. I cook whole wheat spaghetti like this all the time and have never had trouble.

    Cook it as long as it takes. It's easy enough to make a note of how long it takes you, so you know the next time around.

    1. Do you have a brand name on it kseiverd?

      I cook the Barilla Whole Grain pastas for friends that request it at tiems and find they do often take longer to cook but, and BIG BUT---THEY GO FROM TOUGH TO AL DENTE TO MUSH IN A f^%&*ng HEARTBEAT!!!!

      They need constant monitoring.

      If me, I'd do a small batch and put a timer on and see how long it takes to get what you want. Kinda like first time cooking or hot soaking rice noodles.

      I could never put a "definitive time" on pasta. Brands differ as does linguini vs angel hair, etc.

      If me, again, I;m do a tiny batch and time cook to al dente and then taste every minute after that. Mark teh al dente time on the package and then cook to your desired taste.

      1/8 lb. of pasta lost to science to save the other 1 and 7/8 lbs.

      I'm all for those odds.

      In fact I had to do it years ago trial cooking gluten free pasta shells for a freind. Gluten free pasts is an even tricker feat to master. Talk about the window of perfect timing being small. Eeeek.

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        I tossed original bag, so no idea what brand. I realize that timing woud be different for say angel-hair or lasagna noodles... no mater what it's made of. Not much worse than SOFT, over-cooked pasta.