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Jul 31, 2014 10:38 AM

Where do I buy baijiu or other Chinese liquor?

Planning a meetup in Joyce Chinese Cuisine, it's a BYOB place. For fun I thought I might bring an authentic Chinese liquor/drink. Any recommendations? I remember reading an article a while ago about moutai, but it may be prohibitively expensive. A little research and I found "Baijiu". Anybody know another good Chinese liquor?

And where would I buy it? The most exotic I've seen at typical liquor stores is Shochu, which is Japanese and not to be confused with Soju. But that's as deep as the specific nerdy foodie thing seems to go around here.

I'm in Northern NJ (Hackensack), and would be willing to take into NYC Chinatown Manhattan.

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  1. I am not sure if this will work, but I have seen Moutai Pure Joy Bai Jiu silver (from china) at Buy Rite Liquors, Specifically at a location in JC for ~$50. It is not really an item you'd bring to a BYOB as it is a grain alcohol, and not a wine. (Similar to vodka) What about bringing some Tsingtao lager/beer instead? It's widely available.

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      are you not allowed to bring liquors to BYOB places? Is that part of the law?

      1. re: EdwinNJ

        Yes, it's part of the law. See "under no circumstances may spirituous liquor be permitted"

        1. re: drongo

          huh, that's funny, I just last week brought my which to a sushi place and they didn't say anything. I guess it's a matter of if anyone realizes and/or complains . Obviously a strong hard liquor will draw more attention