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Jul 31, 2014 10:16 AM

Yi Pin Xiang - Ville St Laurent

Yi Pin Xiang was mentioned in one of the opening threads so I recently tried it out for lunch.

I tried their dumplings and was immediately hooked, they weren't as juicy as Qing Hua's original ones but the dough was much better IMO, not as thick and very tender. More similar to Mai Xiang Yuan product. They seem to boil them as opposed to steaming them as well. You can also get them fried and they offer the special dumplings too that are rolled long and fried, very similar to Qing Hua's second location.

I've already been back a few times and sampled both their noodle dish and noodle soup. They don't shy with serving a very decent portion of fresh hand pulled noodles in a basic yet delicious sweet soy sauce. The broth in the soup was ok but not rich enough a little bit of spicy oil gave it the right kick.

The location is very clean and spacious with a sitting out front as well which was crowded when I went for lunch.

According to the Shut Up and Eat blog, "The owner explained to me that his family owns a chain of dumpling restaurants in China"

This will definitely be my new go to spot for dumplings as it is so much more accessible to both work and home and you don't need $5 to park in VSL. The owner was very happy to hear me tell him that "I don't need to go downtown for dumplings anymore".

Restaurant Yi Pin Xiang
735 Blvd D├ęcarie

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  1. Wait... Did they have xiao long bao? Please say they did!!

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    1. re: SourberryLily

      Nope, no soup dumplings. Just the regular ones, boiled. The newer Qing Hua on St Cahterine has them though.