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Montri rides again in Vancouver?

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According to new signage, Montri will be serving up his Thai food again soon in the space recently vacated by Salt on West Broadway.

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  1. MONTRI !! ..... I was chatting with Ben and Karl over our Wahh Tee lunch and I just couldn't recall the man/place's name. Wow it must be close to 20 years since I was last there. I never really knew what happened to him, other than after he closed another Thai resto took the space and IIRC that resto didn't get the same reception as Montri.

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      That's something of a cursed location I wish him well.

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        I went to a "secret supper" he did a couple or three years ago but that was the last I heard of him. I would love to have another solid Thai option in the hood besides Benjarong, which is my go-to for all of Vancouver in terms of Thai.