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Jul 31, 2014 09:54 AM

Wood Oven Pizzas in Montreal

I love the taste of Wood Oven pizzas and it usually means class and quality. I know there are some good ones in Little Italy and Mile End but haven`t discovered all of of them, I`m sure.

Pizzeria Magpie - Great!
Pizzeria Bottega - Also pretty damn Great!
Ristorante Pomodoro - Good to Great
Ristorante la Fornarina - Meh nothing special
Pizzaiolle st-Denis - Above average
Pizzaiolle TMR - Not as good as the St-Denis location
Bevo bar (old-port) - quite good

Any others?

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  1. I know Il Focolaio and Santa-Lucia have wood oven pizza. I don't know if I'd use the word "class" to describe them but they have wood ovens!

    Santa Lucia is a bit worn on the edges (think of corduroy pants you've been wearing for too long) but their pizza is among my favorites. I don't find Il Focolaio special. Their sauce is a bit too runny and their cheese tend to taste bland.

    1. Pizella on St-Matthieu has been around forever and has very good wood oven pizza.

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        Yah but way too expensive for a cheapass guy like me. I'll make do with Santa Lucia until I hit the jackpot.

      2. Calzone uses a brick or wood oven. It is in Kirkland.

        1. I enjoy Prato on St.Laurent as well.

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            Prato has a coal-fired oven, not wood burning oven.

            1. re: BLM

              Oh snap thanks for specifying. They don't have a website so I was realying on general review sites who all seem to say wood oven. Still I do find it better than some of the wood oven places listed above even though the owner can be a bit of an ass sometimes.

          2. Mangiafoco. My favorite. Like it better than magpie and bottega even tough both later places are really good.

            They have burrata and great cold cut meat platter too!