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Jul 31, 2014 08:10 AM

CT: in search of Goya Argentinian-Style discos or Puff Pastry Dough for Turnovers

Shop Rite in East Hartford has the regular ones. I'm looking for the Argentinian ones as they look flakier, like pie dough-ish.

C-Town in EH has lots of discos, but not these.

Any advice (besides making the dough myself, which I'll get to eventually ...)?

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  1. I was gonna suggest the Ortiz market or any Price Right...but I don't think Argentina falls into the latino/hispanic category

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    1. re: BiscuitBoy

      You mean "WE FORGIVE, BUT WE DON'T FORGET"--that place? Worth a shot. I'm starting to wonder if Goya doesn't make them anymore as the clickable link doesn't take you to a package that looks different.

      I think I need to learn to roll my own, so to speak!

      1. re: BiscuitBoy

        Wait--I just read the recipe more carefully. What I'm really after is Puff Pastry Dough for Turnovers:

        Anyone? Anyone?

      2. Quality Goya products are available at thousands of stores. If you can't find the Goya product you're looking for, ask your store to order them or contact your nearest Goya Foods facility for information on availibility in your area.
        Goya Foods, Inc.
        100 Seaview Drive
        Secaucus, NJ 07096
        Tel: 201-348-4900
        Fax: 201-348-6609

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        1. re: sakeandgin

          Thank you. I love that you are a fellow food quest-er who wouldn't be shy to pick up the phone and ask. What a great idea--who would know better than the Goya people? :D

          1. re: sakeandgin

            Dear sakeandgin,

            Thanks to your great idea, a nice lady at Goya returned my call, then e-mailed several places that sell this product near me. I called Stop & Shop in Cromwell, but the kid who went to look said they didn't have any. But Meriden (Centennial Plaza) did, so I went and bought three packages! :) They're in the frozen section.

            Here are the Stop & Shop stores in central CT that HAVE SOLD them in the past (call to confirm first, any interested parties):

            Meriden - 485 BROAD ST, 2032381235

            Meriden - 77 CENTENNIAL PLAZA, MERIDEN, 2032381778 *bought today!*

            Berlin - 1135 FARMINGTON AVE, 8608280276

            Rocky Hill - TOWNLINE RD

            Newington - 206 KITTS LANE, 8605947133

            Newington - 44 FENN RD,8606678380

            Wallingford - 665 NO. MAIN ST, 2032656400

            New Britain - 1309 CORBIN AVE

            Cromwell - West St (DID NOT have when I called today!)

            Can't wait to try these tomorrow! Thanks again! >>^..^<<

            1. re: kattyeyes

              Glad it worked out for you. Companies are usually happy to help if you call.

          2. Here's the package. They're called Tapas para Empanadas/Criollas Tipo Caseras (dough for turnover pastries)